KRÜ Fem or FiRePOWER – Who gets to reign LATAM Game Changers?

The VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship is just around the corner. This is the first women-only Championship in Valorant esports history. Many teams have already secured their spot in the tournament, including G2 Gozen and Cloud9 White, the heavy hitters of EMEA and NA.

On the 22nd of October we’ll be able to see the two powerhouses, KRÜ Fem and FiRePOWER, fight for their spot in the Game Changers Championship during the VCT 2022 Game Changers Latin America Regional Final.

This event is going to be a single best-of-five match between the two rosters. The winner of the event earns one of the two final spots for the championship.

KRU FEM Gamechangers

KRÜ Fem seek to surpass the international success of their male counterparts

What to expect during the Game Changers LATAM Regional Final?

When talking about the teams, both KRÜ Fem and FiRePOWER had a fairly successful season. While KRÜ has had a consistent roster since January 17th, FiRePOWER has had some swaps to their roster but still maintained their core lineup.

FiRePOWER qualified for the Regional Final after securing first place during the LATAM North Finals. The team had a clean run for the crown, winning every match without losing a map, with the only exception being the first match versus Aternun Venus who forfeited against FiRePOWER. During the Upper Final they managed to beat Skull Cracker Fem 2:0 in a BO3 and doubled down again during the Grand Final where they beat them again with a 3:0 score in a BO5 scenario. It’s safe to say that we can not expect any less from them during the LATAM Regional Final.

On the other hand, KRÜ Fem had a bumpier ride during the LATAM South Finals where they lost a map during two matches in the Upper and Grand Final, but still managed to maintain perfect composure and confidence. During the Upper Final match versus NOORG, they started off strong but lost control during the second match on Haven which cost them the map. Though, they still managed to win and qualify for the Grand Final. 9z Team Fem won the first map during the final, but it wasn’t enough to discourage KRÜ Fem. After the initial loss of the first map, they went on a rampage and quickly ended the Finals with a 3:1 score.

What’s interesting for KRÜ Fem is that they are part of KRÜ Esports who competed in the Valorant Champions and ended the season as the No.2 team in the LATAM region. KRÜ Esports is also one of the teams who earned a partnership with Riot Games, and is included in the final list of the VCT 2023 teams. This is why, even though FiRePOWER surely is a roster to not take on lightly, KRÜ Fem have some big shoes to fill and additional motive to win this Regional Final.

Both teams are in top shape and deserve the title but since there can only be one winner we’ll just have to wait and see who’s more determined to become the Game Changers Champion. With all that in mind, the Latin America Regional Final is surely going to be an interesting and entertaining event.