Kugle: Creating A New Experience in Crypto Gaming

If you wanna help decarbonize the Solana blockchain, while also nurturing your virtual creature for generations? Then, Kugle is the right choice for you.

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Kugle’s creators and learn more about their ground-breaking technology.

Kugle: Gaming & Blockchain

What is Kugle?

Kugle is a platform that allows you to own and care for virtual creatures, with the potential of earning NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It is a multi-colored universe with a concrete ecological objective. The platform will have daily missions in the form of a game inspired by Mario Galaxy.

In these missions, you will gain resources in the form of fungible cryptocurrencies. These currencies can be used in-game or traded on markets. The mechanism is similar to one of CryptoKitties but with a more organic structure. A structure will be put in place to enable the end-users to create and speculate on the NFT rarity.

Ugo, one of the Co-founders & Partners at Kugle, mentioned that they were digital nomads who wanted to leave an ecological impact using their skills. “The Kugles are the creatures at the core of our project – they are embedded in the real world as Metaplex-compliant NFTs.”

Why Solana

The Partners at Kugle chose Solana as blockchain as a way to use less carbon than the giants like bitcoin. Nico, Ugo’s Co-founder and friend, calculated that they could decarbonize Solana by planting 1700 trees each year. It may not be a long-term solution, but it is a first step in the right direction.

Their second big goal was to create a game linked to a cryptocurrency that is easy to use. This would allow the general public to play it without even knowing they are playing a cryptocurrency game. With that objective in mind, they started working on Kugle.

Ugo was also able to convince several other friends with the required skills to participate and kick off the project. With that, they started as 6 staff members, including Ugo and Nico as Co-founders, two experts at graphic design and web solutions, and two back-ends, crypto developers.

“We created a cryptocurrency: the GÜ. Then we created 2 series of NFT and sold them on our website. With the success of our initial sale, half of the team is now full-time on this project and we are currently working on the launch of the mobile game, expected in early 2022” said Ugo.

How Kugle Leverages Blockchain

Kugle’s economy is based on its own cryptocurrency, the GÜ. This crypto uses the Solana blockchain. Their users and investors can gain some GÜ in exchange for USDC, on Raydium, Solape, and Sonar Watch. “At the beginning of our project, we chose a supply of 10 million GÜ. The market has been open since January 1st thanks to the AMM mechanisms working with Serum’s DEX. Our liquidity pool has been open with an opening price of 10 Euro Cents per GÜ.” added Ugo.

At the time of their initial sale, all the income they made had been injected into the liquidity pool. They then raised the price of the GÜ to 15 Euro Cents then 25 Euro Cents thanks to the enthusiasm of some. And to their community growing like the number of lines of code they write day after day! They have multiple accounts which are separated and contain a part of the tokens. Each account can be viewed freely from the Tokenomics tab on their website.

The Value

The GÜ token and the eggs allow Kugle to reward the ones who believe in them and their project through random airdrops. The eggs can be exchanged on the DigitalEyes platform, and many more will follow in the future! “We also think about creating an exchange platform on our website with new possibilities. Moreover, we already have our own explorer, allowing the people to visualize and sort the existing Kugles.”

There are a lot of projects out there that create a series of 10,000 NFTs and pray for speculation to happen. With the skills they had, they could have done a unique first series of 10,000 Kugles really well and stopped there. That seemed like the easy way from the trader’s point of view.

Instead, half of the team were from the video game industry. They wanted to make something different and unique. They wanted to do a breakthrough in those 2D NFT series that didn’t mean anything more than speculation. “We have 3D NFT, we are one of those, if not the first in that domain with these kinds of 3D NFTs that can be played in-game.”

Kugle Crypto Game

Kugle And Understanding How It Works

“We could have targeted a simple ONE SHOT, but it wouldn’t have fit with our long-term objective which is to be ambitious in terms of tech value. We want to disrupt the video game art through NFTs.” Their target is to propose multiple series during the year, each as beautiful and precious as another with simple alleles (elementary bricks). Some series will be presented at special events or for some collaborations with other platforms. Their objective is to allow the end-users to create their creature with perseverance and imagination being the user’s limits.

As soon as the application will be released, the players will hatch their eggs and discover their very own Kugles. Users will then be able to play with them, acquire new resources, and finally, start the reproduction process of their Kugles to create new generations. By combining the ancestors’ alleles, users will be able to keep an eye on their growth and welfare.

This reproduction process will allow the players to create whole new Kugles that will never have been seen before. Kugles that will be rarer, with a whole lot of unique colors. All they do at KugleCorp is create the elementary bricks that can mix, accumulate, and even allow unexpected characteristics! But that doesn’t end here. The game will also reward the veterans: it is preferable to feed, treat, clean the Kugles’ poos (which are also resources to collect) and play with the Kugles in daily missions.

The Process

Every day, there is a new mission where the player can gain resources. These will be vital for: feeding the Kugles to keep them in good health, exchanging with the other players, and facilitating the reproduction process. And will even come with some spicy stuff mentioned by Kugle’s founders.

“First of all, to avoid excessive inflation, when 2 Kugles mate, we create a new egg, and we destroy one of the parents via a “Burn” process. The resources gained by playing the game (or through swapping) will help you to reduce this risk. Moreover, adding resources in the reproduction system will help the users to have better characteristics for the newborn Kugle.”

One important detail is that the probability is based on the chaos made by the crypto market. Imagine that you have one Kugle that has the “wing” attribute and another with small paws. The child may have the characteristics from its first parent, or the second, or both parents (the wing and the small paws). This system is sure to allow a true genetic evolution for every characteristic a Kugle will have. These characteristics will become rarer according to the market’s state due to speculation. This is all sure to bring a new perspective to the creation and evolution of NFTs as a whole.

Esports.net says: We value innovation to the maximum, that’s why we truly appreciate Kugle and all their actions. As far as we know it is indeed one of the first game to use the blockchain technology in such a positive way for all: the users and the environment.

We hope that the crypto community will help to establish this innovative idea and implement it as much as possible. We at esports.net are well aware of how many problems the blockchain faces, but we also see a big chance to build NFTs and games that really bring the crypto world to the players.