LATAM teams having hard times at VCT 2022 South America LCQ

Last Chance Qualifiers across Valorant’s competitive landscape continue this week. Spots at the most important tournament of the season, VALORANT Champions 2022, are on the line. LATAM has become one of the leading regions in VALORANT, both for its surprise performances in the 2021 season and for its participation in every international tournament since the beginning of the VCT.

However, this time the region’s representatives had a hard time in the VCT 2022 South America qualifiers.

LATAM teams having hard times at VCT 2022 South America Last Chance Qualifiers

Just like last year, the 4 LATAM representatives who gathered enough Circuit Points this year are competing in the South America qualifiers alongside 4 Brazilian teams. KRÜ Esports, FUSION, E-Xolos LAZER and 9z Team represent LATAM, while Ninjas in Pyjamas, Vivo Keyd, FURIA Esports and TBK Esports represent the Brazilian region. So far, the Brazilian side has the upper hand in the tournament.

Two out of four make an early exit

E-Xolos LAZER qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier thanks to their success in Latin America North. However, the team’s adventure here was short-lived. First, the team faced Vivo Keyd and lost 2-0. Then, at the end of very close matches in Lower-Bracket Round 1, they lost 2-1 to TBK Esports and bid early farewell to the competition.

The Latin America North winner also shared the fate of its regional rival. With the luck of the draw against it, FUSION opened the event against FURIA. As expected, FUSION failed to show much against its strong opponent and lost the series 2-0. FUSION’s opponent in the do-or-die match was Ninjas in Pyjamas, one of the leading teams in Brazil. The team also lost 2-0 this one and were eliminated. With these results, 2 LATAM teams had to go back to their homes early from the South America Last Chance Qualifier after the first rounds.

KRÜ Esports & 9z Team

Unlike other teams from its region, KRÜ Esports is still on its journey in the tournament. LATAM’s most prominent team struggled against TBK Esports in their opening match. They narrowly won the last game of the series that went to map three, and advanced to the next round. After a tough opener, KRÜ dominated Vivo Keyd 2-0 without putting in as much effort as in the first series and advanced to the Upper-Bracket Final. Their opponent here is FURIA Esports.

Unlike the Latin America North teams, the South teams managed to survive the qualifiers so far. Despite being the third-best team in their region, 9z first eliminated strong rival Ninjas in Pyjamas. FURIA Esports was the next opponent, and 9z were no match for them and the team were relegated to the Lower-Bracket. 9z Team’s opponent here is another Brazilian team, TBK Esports. Tonight is a do or die match for the third LATAM representative.

VCT 2022 South America Last Chance Qualifiers will continue on August 10 with Lower-Bracket Quarterfinals matches.