How T1 and Gen.G helped the LCK set a new viewership record

The League of Legends LCK 2022 Spring Split made history this past weekend as they shatter previous viewership records. T1 and Gen.G played one of the biggest match-ups in League at the moment. With Spring playoffs finishing up over the weekend, the winner took qualification for Mid-Season Invitational along with an impressive 375,000,000 South Korean Won.

It isn’t the first time T1 break all expectations, but this time it feels special.

T1 LCK Spring Finals

Feelsgoodbruh | © LCK

LCK 2022 Spring in Short

We’ve just witnessed one of the best LCK splits in over four years. The league had a big reset in terms of favorites and top performers as two teams surpassed all expectations. T1 completed a perfect split, while Gen.G played one of their most seasons to date. Both, DWG KIA and DRX falling off means a lot for the average viewer, as the league was in a serious need of a shakeup.

T1 finished the regular season for this split with a remarkable streak of an 18-0 finish. Their achievement also has been one of the most impressive runs in esports, as running a perfect split in the most competitive region in League of Legends, is a feat in itself.

This set things up for a tense final against Gen.G. While they haven’t had the same kind of run as T1, they’ve defiantly impressed this season. T1’s run wasn’t ended in playoffs, but Gen.G did just enough to stop the T1 steamroller for the year. In a 3-1 series, they broke their opponents undefeated streak, but more importantly took away the elusive “Perfect Split”, through regular split and Playoffs.

Their match up became by far the most-watched of the competition so far, beating out T1’s last height against DWG Kia a while ago.

LCK Breaks Viewership Records

A grand total of 1,374,155 viewers tuned in to the final match. This just pushes things past the previous record for viewers, which was 1,315,849 as T1 and DWG KIA fought it out at the LCK 2021 Summer Split Final. A big contributor to these great figures was definitely the hype behind T1 and seeing them face Gen.G in particular.

Many things had to come together to make this season appealing to the viewers. The LCK was in serious need of a dominating team, and it’s was even better if the team is T1. Faker being at the top his game a decade into his career, while also surrounded by absolute bonkers players was instrumental. All T1 needed was a strong contender, and there’s none better than Gen.G in standing in your way to greatness.

The most interesting part is that a viewership record was broken during the Spring Split. As far as LoL viewership metrics go, summer splits always gets a lot more attention, as regions brace for LoL Worlds. On average, there are 20% more viewers in summer when compared to spring, making this record all that more impressive.

With so many narratives this season, LCK Summer 2022 may be the most watched season in history.

Things are definitely looking strong for League of Legends with a Spring Split bringing in so many viewers to the game. Even with some of the team testing positive for covid, T1’s historic run is becoming something really special. T1 is probably a team to watch for LoL betting at MSI 2022. We also have to wait until June to see if their streak will break.

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