LCK Regional Finals Preview – KT vs DRX

After covering the first match of the LCK Regional Finals, it’s time to take a look at the series between KT Rolster and DRX. On the line, there’s a place at Worlds. Who is going to snatch it? Let’s break the two teams down.

LCK Regional Finals – KT vs DRX – Friday 10:00 CET

KT Rolster and DRX will fight to earn their place in the LCK Regional Qualifier Finals. On one hand, KT Rolster lost to DK after a very hard-fought 5-game series, while DRX had to give up against LSB.

The two teams are quite similar in how they function, with both ADCs as their primary carries. Deft is the constant factor in the DRX lineup, despite the other members dropping in performance towards the end of the split. In particular, Pyosik doesn’t seem to be performing well and there were many instances where he looked off even compared to his teammates.


Image Credits | DRX

KT, instead, had a crescendo over the course of the split, and their series against DK showed the potential of the roster. Aiming is insane on Zeri in the late game teamfights, but it’s Vicla the real surprise. His Sylas was really good in the DK series and he doesn’t seem afraid of going for the play.

Having said that, I think that the series will be in KT’s favor. We’ve seen how strong they are in the late-game teamfights and can easily make the comebacks despite large deficits in gold. The junglers will likely be the key to getting their respective bot lane ahead, and I think that given Pyosik’s recent performances, Cuzz should prevail over him.

Not only that, but based on the current meta, Aiming is more suited. I’m not a particular fan of the Lucian when teams know they cannot outplay or play perfectly against their opponents in the lane.

Predictions and Odds

Despite the series in favor of KT, there are still a lot of opportunities. KT doesn’t seem a team to be really good in proactive in the very first few minutes, but they grow as the game goes longer. DRX might be able to find an opening there.

Other strong bets are always related to objective captures and game duration: LCK teams are known for waiting their win conditions and with both teams looking to scale, games will be long. KT and DRX have respectively a 39-min and 37-min average game duration. If you’re feeling good about it, going over might net you great returns. If you want to be conservative, a 34.5 seems more than reasonable.

For those same reasons, total dragons slain are super good in this series, since both teams capture on average at least 2 drakes. It’s a really good LoL bet to capitalize on. Below you can find the aforementioned bets with their related odds, as well as other strong chances that you might want to consider:

  • Winner: KT Rolster (1.41x)
  • Correct Map Score: KT 3-1 DRX (3.49x)
  • Odd/Even maps: Even (2.48x)
  • Match Total kills: over 92.5 (1.69x)
  • First Blood: DRX (2.03x)
  • Total Towers: under 12.5 (1.55x)
  • Map Duration: over 34.5 (2.14x)
  • Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.73x)
  • Race to 5 kills: KT Rolster (1.75x)