T1 and Gen.G looking great – LCK Spring Playoffs Semifinals Predictions

Semifinals is right around the corner, with T1 almost assured to advance into the finals given their sheer dominance shown so far in 2022. Kwangdong Freecs had managed to defy expectations, taking down DRX albeit closely. This demonstrates, while teams may have an advantage over others, upsets do happen. Nevertheless, finals is expected to be an absolute thriller, either with T1 facing one of their long standing rivals, or Kwangdong pulling a miracle to be the undogs of the 2022 LCK Spring Playoffs.

The teams will not only duke it out for more championship points that will count towards their ability to qualify for the 2022 League of Legends World Championships, but the victor of the Spring Playoffs will earn the opportunity to represent their region in MSI 2022.

Kwandong LCK Spring Playoffs

T1 vs. Kwangdong Freecs

T1 has absolutely been slaughtering competition, and are without a doubt, in their top form. T1 has not been this dominant since their early days, with their performance in the Spring regular season re-igniting hope in T1 fans that the team could once again shine in the global stage. T1 were able to finish the Spring season with an impeccable 18-0 record, one of the few teams in the world that have ever gone undefeated. In stark comparison,  Kwangdong Freecs has consistently placed as a mid tier LCK team, with this split being no different. The team had only narrowly qualified for playoffs, ending negative 8-10 in the Spring regular season. Kwandong Freecs similarly had narrowly entered the semifinals with a close 3-2 win against DRX. Even if something goes wrong, given this is a best of 5 match, T1 is ecpected to at most only drop a single game given their sheer strength this Spring.

Prediction: T1 97% l Kwangdong Freecs 3%

DWG KIA vs. Gen.G

Aside from T1, Gen.G proved to be DWG KIA’s biggest opponent. DWG KIA had dropped both games in the Spring regular season to Gen.G. While the games were close, with both going to the full best of 3, this may prove to be a mental block for DWG KIA. Despite that, DWG KIA are definitely still in contention given their ability to place equal 3rd in the 2022 LCK Spring regular season standings. The team had cemented this through a decisive 3-0 victoiry against Fredit BRION in the quarterfinals of playoffs. However, Gen.G’s consistency and ranking in the Spring regular season only behind T1 gives them the advantage heading into the semifinals.  The team had only dropped a single game to longtime rivals KT Rolster, and two games against T1.

Prediction: DWG KIA 43% l Gen.G 57%

For those looking at LoL betting, you can expect solid odds on T1 clean sweeping Kwangdong 3-0. If you pair that with a simple outright on Gen.G winning versus DWG Kia you can get three-fold returns on your investment. Alternatively, the LoL odds on the second series going the distance are going to boost your two-fold accumulator up to six-fold returns.

Not a bad haul for a single day of play.