Can LSB keep up with DK and claim 3rd? – LCK Summer Week 6 Breakdown

The LCK has officially entered its second half of the split with Week 6. Currently, a surprising LSB is tied with DK in the standings as both are sitting on a 7-3 record. Can Liiv Sandbox match their nearest rival?

Let’s break down this week’s most important matches for the two teams.

liiv LCK

LCK Week 6 Preview

LSB vs Gen.G – Friday 10:00 CET

Liiv Sandbox will face first-place team in Gen.G in their first match of the LCK week 6. The team has impressed compared to their spring performance, showcasing solid teamfighting as well as good adaptability. A very interesting stat that LSB has is that they managed to beat all the teams below them in the standings, but lost 2-0 against the three teams above them, including Gen.G in the first round robin.

LSB have been playing traditional team compositions like front-to-backs or protect the carry comps. ADC Prince and mid laner Clozer are responsible in dishing out the damage, with Dove mainly playing frontliners. The team has found comfort picks that are also strong in the meta, like Azir, Aphelios and Gnar.

On the other hand, Gen.G come into week 6 as the best performing team so far in the league. They only lost one series to T1, but they have looked less shaky in the last few weeks. They can always rely on their double carries Chovy and Ruler. In particular, the latter is performing exceptionally well, despite his age. Jungler Peanut is also playing really well, with smart pathings and always in the right spots. Overall, Gen.G look really solid and I don’t see them faltering any time soon.

Below you can find the best LoL odds for the series:

  • Correct map score: Gen.G 2-0 LSB (1.55x)
  • Match total kills: under 48.5 (2.31x)
  • Gen.G Total kills: under 28.5 (2.54x)
  • First Blood: Gen.G (1.59x)
  • Map Duration: over 29.5 (1.61x)
  • Total Dragons Slain: under 4.5 (2.15x)

DRX vs DK – Friday 13:00 CET

DRX is coming into week 6 with a 5-5 score, but I think that the team has a slightly higher potential than what they have demonstrated. Last week, DRX could not play with Pyosik due to him becoming positive to Covid-19 and due to the LCK regulations, he was forced to sit out. In his stead, the team fielded previous PSG jungler Juhan, who unfortunately is not at the same level as the starting jungler. I don’t think Pyosik will become negative by Friday so his absence should make this series a piece of cake for DK.

Speaking of them, the team has been stepping up in the last series, winning 2-0 their last three matches. While it was against lower-tier teams, this goes to show that DK are working hard to enter the fight for the top. Nuguri should be more or less back to good form after taking the break and with Canyon and ShowMaker, they make a very scary top side of the map. I’m not fully convinced by their draft which still relies on less carry-oriented mid laners, but DK has always been good at early-mid games.

As usual, you can find some solid odds for this series when you go to GG.BET:

  • Winner: DK (1.4x)
  • Correct Map Score: DK 2-0 DRX (2.28x)
  • Match Total Kills: under 52.5 (2.41x)
  • Map Duration: over 32.5 (1.62x)
  • First Blood: DK (1.81x)
  • Race to 5 kills: DK (1.73x)