LCS Week 8 Preview – Who can set up playoffs safety?

The LCS Summer Split continues and it cannot get more exciting! The top teams are facing each other in extremely important head-to-head matches, and the outcomes might completely reshuffle the standings!

Let’s look at three crucial matches coming up this weekend. As usual, if you don’t know how to placee your bets, don’t worry: we got you covered! Here’s our LCS Week 8 Preview and our predictions!

100T LoL

100T: Mean-mugging the opponents always works

100 Thieves vs Cloud9

This week 8 starts off with a banger: 100 Thieves will face Cloud9 in the opener. Both teams are desperate for this win: on one side, 100T needs to create a gap to the competition to secure the first place in the regular season; on the other, C9 needs to catch up as they’re currently 24-15, 3 wins away from 100T.

In this series, all eyes will fall onto the junglers: Can “Closer” Çelik and Robert “Blaber” Huang are considered two of the very best in their roles and they will play a very important key in the overall outcome. Based on the recent performances, Closer did play better and should be able to prevail over its counterpart.

With that being said, though, their gameplay is going to be affected by the laners, especially the mid lane. Felix “Abbedagge” Braun, considered by many the best mid laner right now, will face Luka “Perkz” Perković in a battle between imports.

We are expecting a lot of action early on and many skirmishes over objectives: you can place a race-to-5 kills for one of the two teams. (1.81x at In our opinion, 100T should get to the milestone first: they are better in coordinated plays so they should have the upper hand in this department.

As for the result, the series should go to 100Thieves hands down: bet on them to win the game. (1.72x)

TeamSoloMid vs Evil Geniuses

Right after the series between 100T and C9, we have another crucial battle: TeamSoloMid vs Evil Geniuses. Both are right behind 100 Thieves and the winner of this battle will probably be the 2nd seed at the end of the split.

On paper, Evil Geniuses’ recent performance is better than TSM’s: they seem to have found what works for them in terms of player identity, and their aggressive playstyle is paying off. The former “coinflippy” Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro is actually becoming a top tier mid laner thanks to the team accommodating his style. This shows strong flexibility and Evil Geniuses have all of a sudden gone from mid-bottom pack to a top tier team.

TSM, on the other hand, is trying to keep up last split’s strong trend and fight for a Worlds spot. They did improve this summer, especially in terms of consistency, but it feels like they still have to find the optimal way to play. They heavily rely on the solo lanes to snowball, with the bot lane staying even in lane. TSM must improve in the bottom part of the map or once playoffs come, they will be heavily abused.

In terms of result, we think that EG will take this game. (1.97x) It will be a very close game, especially in the early game. TSM might be able to take first blood depending on the draft (1.81x), but slowly EG should be able to create a lead through their strong skirmishing. As usual, go for an over-25.5 (1.94x) kills in all games EG participates in: they are highly volatile, and kills will happen all over the map.

TSM vs C9

To round off our preview, we have the TSM vs C9 series. While the outcome depends a lot on the outcome of the previous series, TSM should be the better team in this instance. (1.89x)
They are more consistent and do not go for greedy plays like C9 does, thus decreasing their probability of throwing the game. Nevertheless, remember that C9 plays on the red side and we’ve seen throughout the split playing on red can be lethal when having a strong counterpick.

Nevertheless, TSM should win the game. Also, I think their early game action will allow them to pick up the first dragon. Other than these two bets, I would also suggest going for an under 31.5 minute game (1.87x): both teams know how to extend their leads and close out the game so game duration shouldn’t be too long.

The odds in this selection are courtesy of GG.BET. Odds may vary at different esports bookmakers, so be on the lookout for ones that will earn you the most profit.