LCS SuperWeek – Who will make it to the LCS Championship?

The LCS is having one last Superweek to decide the LCS Champions teams (Just like the LEC). With the top 5 already locked in for the LCS Championship, which teams will make it to the last tournament before Worlds?

Let’s find out.

LCS Superweek

LCS SuperWeek – FlyQuest almost locked in, likely only 2 spots left


TSM are desperately looking to salvage their summer split. The team has had struggles with the roster early on and Huni also stepped down following his injuries. Now that he also retired from the League scene, Solo is the starting top for TSM. While he’s not a super player, he should have enough experience to bring TSM to the finish line. Out of the 4 teams at the bottom of the standings, TSM are the guys with the highest chance.

Against FlyQuest, I’m expecting them to be more prepared now that they have locked the roster. With their identity more in line with the current meta, it might help them pull out the critical win to lock playoffs.

  • Winner: TSM (1.99x)
  • Race to 5 kills: TSM (2.12x)
  • Total kills: under 24.5 (2.01x)
  • Map Duration: over 33.5 (2.01x)
  • First Blood: FlyQuest (1.80x)


Immortals are the other team fighting for playoffs and once again, FlyQuest will be the gatekeepers. Unlike TSM, I think that Immortals might struggle a little more, considering how the recent performances have been. FlyQuest are much more solid, especially when it comes to late-game team fights. With that being said, the game might not be as clean for both sides, and IMT’s efforts might make the game look closer than it may seem. Below are some of the great odds for this series:

  • Winner: FlyQuest (1.48x)
  • First Blood: FlyQuest (1.62x)
  • Total Towers: under 11.5 (2.11x)
  • Total kills: over 22.5 (1.83x)
  • Map Duration: over 33.5 (1.81x)


Golden Guardians are the last team in potential contention for playoffs. Unless DIG pulls out a miracle LCS Superweek, I don’t see them getting into the top 8. With that being said, also GG are at a big risk. They will be facing both TL and EG, making their match against DIG the last chance, if IMT or TSM don’t lock before it.

GG have promoted LIDER to the starting roster but it doesn’t look like it’s been working for them. I don’t think his pool or playstyle is good for the current meta, so we’ll have to see whether  Their loss against Immortals might prove lethal ahead of playoffs, so they must win this series. Dignitas are fielding some of the players from the academy as well, showing that the organization might not be interested in the outcome of the match. If you want to bet on this series, make sure to check out the odds below:

  • Winner: GG (1.65x)
  • Map Duration: over 34.5 (2.08x)
  • Race to 10 kills: GG (1.75x)
  • Total kills: over 23.5 (1.94x)
  • First Baron: GG (1.70x)
  • Total towers: under 11.5 (2.09x)