FlyQuest secures Worlds and LCS Summer Playoffs Round 2 Predictions

With Round 2 already underway, we have a short amount of time to drop our LCS Playoffs Round 2 predictions before the weekend.  The upper bracket consists of Team Liquid, Golden Guardians, Cloud 9 and Fly Quest. Two of which advance to the semi-finals, and the other two stepping down to the losers bracket. One match-up has already concluded and it broke the mental of our analysts.

Cloud9 losing to FlyQuest  had us re-evaluating our approach and refreshing our game logic before the next three games. Meanwhile, the losers bracket consists of Team SoloMid and Evil Geniuses (and now C9) who await the outcome of the remaining match.

LCS Summer Playoffs Round 2 Predictions



We will base our loser bracket prediction based on the predicted outcome of the winner bracket match. Therefore the last matchup prediction might be completely irrelevant if we are wrong from the get go.

Team Liquid vs. Golden Guardians

Team Liquid placed first in the regular season with an amazing record of 15-3, clearly showing their dominance. Liquid played quite consistently and is expected to carry their strong performance through the playoffs. However, Golden Guardians cannot be ignored either, while considered a mid-tier team, GG had pulled off a strong 3-0 against TSM, one of the powerhouse teams. Now the odds of GG getting two upsets in a row is rather low, but it is still a distant possibility.

Prediction: Team Liquid 78% | Golden Guardians 22%

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9

Evil Geniuses may have gone 3-0 in the Round 1 losers bracket, however, this does not mean too much considering their opponent was 100 Thieves. In contrast, Cloud9 comes from a tough lose in the winner bracket seeking to quickly bounce back into the playoffs race. This one is a tad tougher to call as EG just witnessed how to beat C9 courtesy of FlyQuest. Furthermore, C9 has been on a downward spiral in the latter part of the regular season and they did lose their last bout versus EG. This will be close but our decision falls on EG eliminating C9 out of playoffs.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses 54% | Golden Guardians 46%

Team SoloMid vs Golden Guardians

Team SoloMid is still a major threat despite losing 0-3 to the Golden Guardians previously. They quickly proved themselves with a clean 3-0 win against Dignitas and are likely waiting for rematch vs GG. While looking somewhat inconsistent, they still have a good chance to plow through. We expect GG has been exclusively preparing for Liquid this week, and they might not be ready for what TSM has prepared for the rematch. There is a solid chance TSM wins the rematch with a clear 3-0.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 70% | Golden Guardians 30%

Looking ahead

Based on our predictions, this would mean TSM and EG meet for the first time in a playoffs scenario since EG joined the LCS. Up in the winner bracket, TL would meet FlyQuest, the only team they lost a game to in the past month. Regardless of outcome, Flyquest has already secured their place at Worlds 2020. Team Liquid is hoping to secure theirs today.

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