LCS Week 5 Preview – Liquid and Cloud9 enter Week of Hell

NA LCS is hitting its mid-point of the split. In Week 4, we saw CLG crumble again with 3 losses, while 100Thieves went back on a 3-win streak, ending first in the standings. The mid-pack battle is getting very interesting: from 3rd to 6th, teams are one win from each other. As a result, every game onward becomes extremely important: every head-to-head will matter.

In case you don’t know what to bet, we’re here to help you out! This is our LCS Week 5 Preview!

Alphari Liquid

Alphari and Ben Zieper for Bud Light

100T vs TL

Week 5 starts off with a banger: Team Liquid will face 1st place 100Thieves. It will be a must-watch series so make sure not to miss out!

100T needs to keep the momentum from last week and consolidate their first place in Summer. The roster and coaching changes have done wonders so far.
The team has two very interesting stats. The first is that 100T have currently a 100% win rate when they are ahead @15min. They are very strong at pushing leads and closing out games. The other one is that the team always won when playing red-side. (compared to the 60% on the blue side)

This time though, they will be playing against TL on blue side. Will this impact 100Thieves much? We don’t think so. While they might not be as comfortable, they must’ve prepared something to work on that issue. 100T is the best team at playing this meta and has shown the will to adapt over the patches.

On the other hand, Team Liquid is still struggling with their performance after all the buzz around the organization. Head Coach Joshua “Jatt” Leesman resigned from the Head Coach position, adding more question marks to the whole situation.

Not only that, but jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen has taken a break to fix the health issues that he dealt with in the past. The Academy jungler Jonathan “Armao” Armao replaced him already in the last week and it seems like he will continue playing for the next weeks.

With that being said, we need to see whether Barney “Alphari” Morris will be the starting top laner again. His stop has ended on June 27. Will we see him back in the LCS? If TL wants to go to Worlds, it seems like they really need him.

As of right now, if TL is not willing to start Alphari, this game should be pretty easy for 100T. Expect 100T to have a lot of early action, so First Blood (1.75x) and First Tower (1.76x) have good LoL odds for you.

TL vs C9

After the match against 100T, TL will also play against Cloud9 the following day. The same considerations made above about Team Liquid will also matter in this match. That will surely throw a curveball for us betters during this week 5, thus making everything slightly harder for us.

Regarding Cloud9, the team can be considered a “less consistent” version of 100T. C9 also looks for opportunities in the early game to accelerate, but they fail a lot more than 100Thieves. While they also have a 100% win rate when ahead @15min, their average advantage at that point is negative. That means that when C9 messes up, they try to force even more to get back into the game. On paper, this shows good intentions to outplay the opponent. The problem is that it can backfire really hard… and it does for C9.

Compared to the TL vs 100T series, this game will be a lot more coinflip. It is not a surprise that the odds at are 50-50. This because both teams have ups and downs. Consequently, the series will come down to draft. C9 has shown more flexibility so far, so we think that they will have an edge. One thing is certain, though, this game will be full of action. Expect many skirmishes and kills on the scoring board. For LoL betting, go for over-25.5 as s reasonable choice that will net you a 1.91x return.

C9 vs TSM

The last banger of this week 5 is the match between C9 and TSM. It will be another fight between the legacy organizations from NA… and whoever comes out victorious will have a strong drive for the second part of the split.

TSM is currently 2nd in the standings, with a 9-3 record. This is thanks to the solo laners Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage and Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon who have stepped up hugely so far. Contrary to many other teams which play around the bot lane, TSM loves using jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu to find leads on the top side of the map. To prove that, Huni and PoE cumulative damage output is 55% of the team’s damage. Even more impressive is that PoE has almost 30%: no mid laner even comes close to this number. (the second is Jiizuke with 25.5%)

Expect TSM to keep the same game plan against Cloud9. The key to victory, however, will be in the bot lane. Will TSM’s bot lane duo resist and keep up against the returning Zven? If TSM bleeds out too much on the bot side of the map, then things might become a lot harder for the team.

To end off our predictions, we think that TSM will take this win. If we’re talking about peak performance, then we think that C9 has a higher high. However, consistency is equally important and TSM has been more consistent so far. If you want to make some quick cash, make sure to go to GG.BET and place a bet on TSM: it will almost double your investment! (1.97x)