LCS Week 9 weekend matches and standings predictions

The 2020 Summer Split LCS Week 9 will resolve all questions regarding standings and BYE’s into Playoffs. The final ten matches of the split are not as detrimental as in previous splits, with most Playoffs participants known already. Only a few places of contention remain. There is however a big question on who ends up second in the standings and earns preferential seeding, as well as the battle at the bottom of the standings determining the final two Playoffs spots. Many upsets need to happen in LCS Week 9 to radically change the expected outcome of the Summer Split.

LCS Week 9 weekend matches and standings breakdown

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LCS Playoffs Quickmath

The following teams are guaranteed to enter Playoffs: Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid, Fly Quest, Golden Guardians, Evil Geniuses. This leaves 100T, CLG, IMT and DIG in contention for the last playoffs spots.

100 Thieves are most likely to enter playoffs as the 7th seed as they have two favorable matches, and are only one game off a guaranteed qualification. Counter Logic Gaming , while the next closest in terms of wins, will have a much harder time. Ahead of CLG are two tough matches against Fly Quest and Cloud 9. Dignitas also have a small hope of entering playoffs, if they manage to take down Cloud 9, as they have an even matchup with 100 Thieves later on. Finally, Immortals stand little to no chance, needing wins against Team Liquid and Fly Quest to enter playoffs.

Team Liquid is almost assured as the #1 seed, skipping Round 1, and likely choosing Fly Quest as their next opponent. We expect Cloud 9 to finish the regular season as the #2 seed given their comparatively easy match ups this week as opposed to TSM who are curried tied second, but have to battle Team Liquid.

LCS Week 9 Predictions

We looked at all ten matches coming up this weekend and are fairly confident we analysed every metric available to come up with adequate match predictions and chances of a W. Cloud9 and Team Liquid and FlyQuest each have match-ups that are safe picks for everyone interested in LoL betting this weekend. Below is an overview of all ten match-ups and our analysis of likely winners matched with our esports odds on the likely winner.


Dignitas vs. Cloud 9
Dignitas is almost certain to face defeat against Cloud 9 considering the sheer skill difference between the teams. Even if Dig were to somehow take the win, they stand no chance to enter playoffs, while Cloud 9’s place is guaranteed.
Prediction: Dignitas 18% | Cloud 9 82%

Team Solo Mid vs. Golden Guardians
Team Solo Mid are looking strong and is currently on a four-game win streak. While this game will be close, TSM has a slight edge. No matter the result, both teams are assured a spot in playoffs.
Prediction: TSM 57% | GG 43%


Immortals vs. Team Liquid
Team Liquid sits at the top of the ladder while Immortals are equal last place, the outcome is clear. This match is Immortal’s only chance to enter playoffs, while a win to Team Liquid would secure their chance as the #1 seed for playoffs.
Given the outcome is almost assured towards TL, this is a must bet for punters.
Prediction: IMT13% | TL 87%

Golden Guardians vs. Evil Geniuses
The Golden Guardians are on a roll, winning five of their past six games. On the other hand, Evil Geniuses are struggling with a three-game loss streak. While the scores between the team are close, GG is expected to perform much stronger.
Prediction: GG 67% | Evil Geniuses 33%

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Fly Quest
This match will test the ability of Counter Logic Gaming to break their six game loss streak, doing so would put them in a very good position to qualify for playoffs. Despite recent struggles, we remain hopeful considering CLG’s decent performance earlier in the split.
Prediction: CLG 41% | FQ 59%

100 Thieves vs. Dignitas
This will be a close match, however, not for the right reasons. Both teams are looking relatively weak, making it hard to predict who will come up on top. If 100 Thieves manage to take the win, they will advance automatically to playoffs, while Dignitas will most likely lose all qualification.
Prediction: 100T 53% | Dig 47%


Cloud 9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming
While Cloud 9 are certainly favoured, Counter Logic Gaming stands a chance. This match will be vital in if Cloud 9 can challenge the number one seed, and gain a slightly easier match up for playoffs.
Prediction: C9 65% | CLG 35%

Evil Geniuses vs. 100 Thieves
While only a one win difference between the teams, Evil Geniuses have already been guaranteed a position in playoffs while the 100 Thieves will still have to fight (if they lose their Saturday game). Given the varying importance of this match, it is likely the Thieves have prepaid much more, thus slightly favouring them.
Prediction: EG 46% | 100T 54%

Team Liquid vs. Team Solo Mid
These two teams are dominating the NA LCS, with Team Liquid holding the top spot and Team Solo mid holding equal second. This match will be of critical importance to Team Solo Mid. TL will likely finish as the #1 seed with their Saturday game, however, TSM will need the win to compete for the #2 playoff seed position.
Prediction: TL 54% | TSM 46%

Fly Quest vs. Immortals
This should be a straightforward win for Fly Quest considering the poor performance Immortals had recently shown. Fly Quest stand a chance to compete for the #2 seed depending on the outcomes of the C9 and TSM games.
Prediction: Fly Quest 79% | Immortals 21%

Final LCS Summer Standings Prediction

Once we summarize all predicted results, we come up with the following standings and LCS Playoffs bracket:

  1. Team Liquid 15W 3L
  2. Cloud 9 13W 5L
  3. FlyQuest 12W 6L
  4. TSM 12W 6L
  5. Golden Guardians 10W 8L
  6. 100 Thieves 8W 10L
  7. Evil Geniuses 7W 11L
  8. CLG 5W 13L
  9. Dignitas 4W 14L
  10. Immortals 4W 14L

This would result in TSM meeting 100T and FlyQuest meets GG in Round One of Playoffs. EG would meet CLG down in Round one the Losers Bracket.

In the end, remember to head over to LoL Esports and sign in while watching to claim your forgotten LCS Drops.

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