Who will reign supreme in the LEC Summer Split Finals?

The LEC Summer Split is coming to an end with the LEC Finals Weekend. With MAD Lions locked in the Finals, there’s still the other spot left. Will it be Rogue who wants revenge against the Lions, or will it be Fnatic, who clawed back from the losers’ brackets? Let’s find out in our LEC Summer split Finals Preview!

As usual, stay tuned to the end to find out the best betting odds for this week.

LEC Playoffs 2021

Fnatic elated after eliminating G2 from Worlds 2021

LEC Summer Split Finals – Rogue vs Fnatic

Following some of the most exciting series of the season, two contenders are left for a spot in the Finals. Rogue and Fnatic will face each other in their first bo5 in this year.

Rogue has always ended the regular season in the top 2 while Fnatic finished both in 5th place. The difference this time, however, is that Fnatic actually made it to this stage thanks to very convincing performances. Their aggressive style continues to pay off, even though the execution is not always clean.

Fnatic has very high highs, but pair them with very low lows and shaky performances. It’s not a surprise that Fnatic never had a clean 3-0. Getting to this point though, is mainly thanks to a very consistent Upset. Always the core of the team, he replaced Rekkles in the best way possible: great positioning and insane stats overall.

On the other hand, we have Rogue, who once again lost against MAD Lions. It’s the second time that this team loses to MAD in a Bo5 series, after the spring split finals. They have strong early game and have their own aggressive playstyle, but it seems like RGE just struggles against teams that excel at teamfights… And Fnatic is very similar to MAD in that regard.

The advantage of playing this series is that players will be relatively relaxed as these three teams are already locked for LoL Worlds: it’s just a matter of what kind of seed each team is. With G2 missing out, this year’s event will be very different for European teams. Also, Riot Games announced that Worlds 2021 will be held in EU and not China due to the Covid-19 situation.

Based on recency bias, this series will be once again a very close one. Expect at least a 4-game series, but Silver Scrapes will also likely played. Fnatic is obviously carrying a lot more momentum and their recent performances are giving them a slight edge. Betting on Fnatic will grant you a 1.84x return. If you get the 3-2 score right for FNC, you will make a 4.86x, making some really good cash.

Having said that, Rogue has both the talent and the synergy to battle it out, but it won’t be easy. All the attention will go towards the bot lane: expect First Blood down there, likely by Rogue, who’s notorious for playing strong early skirmishing bot lanes. (1.9x)

As for other bets, make sure to check out the drafts first. Rogue prefers giving up the first dragon of the game, so avoid betting that in any of their games. (1.63x) Fnatic’s games are usually full of kills, so going for an over-27.5 kills also seems a reasonable bet. (1.74x)

Potential LEC Summer Split Finals outcomes

Regardless of the 3rd place match, MAD Lions awaits in the final with a full week to prepare for their series and the added benefit of watching both Rogue and Fnatic reveal their strategies in full.

In either potential finals scenario, MAD are the favorites, especially against Rogue who cant seem to grasp the high momentum the Lions bring to the table. In a scenario where MAD meets Fnatic, we might have a closer series due to both teams having high tempo and both able to flip a game in the early stage and close it out from there.

Expect less then 5 games in the final however. In either case MAD will either close out the series quckly or get swept by superior play. In terms of specific match bets, you can bet on MAD getting first drake against Rogue, but not against Fnatic in either red and blue and side. The LEC Summer Split Finals are just the cherry on top, as we close out one of the best splits in recent history.

All of the odds in this selection are courtesy of GG.BET.