Origen acquire Jactroll to replace Destiny ahead of Week 5

Origen acquired Jactroll  to replace the player Destiny on the roster. The 22-year old Destiny was the very first Australian player to join the European LEC. Last November he joined Origen after previously playing for Avant Garde, the Dire Wolves, MAMMOTH and Chiefs Esports Club. His performance was not worse off then the rest of the OG roster, yet the organization thinks he is cog in the wheel that needs replacing.

During this very odd 2020 Summer Split, both Vitality and Origen are tied for fifth place within the LEC Summer Split. Considering how online play has shifted the meta as well as the standings so far, OG thought its best to make a mid-split move and try their luck with a new support.

Jactroll signs with Origen

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Jactroll’s record

The 21-year-old Jactroll has been with Vitality since December 2017. His only good season was his first in 2018 when Vitality made Worlds. Everything since has been a fiesta of underperfomance on the roster. While the talk on Vitality was always either about Cabochard or Attila or Jiizuke, Jactroll was silently plowing along for years unnoticed. And we mean unnoticed in both ways. Neither his playstyle nor his performance were worthy of notice.

Origen on the other hand has been on fire ever since the LEC started. They seem to have solid analysts, and are able to pick up players that are seemingly “not worthy”, and turn them into elites. Yet, when it comes to Jactroll even the hardest OG supporters went crazy.

From the moment OG announced their latest acquisition, the Twitter mob has been swift and ruthless. Things got so intense that even Rogue has to step in and defend Jactroll.

There is some merit to the fans sentiment however. Jactroll has never been conspired a top of the line support and he has not really “earned” his spot even in Vitality let alone Origen. The Twitter hate is still unjustified, especially since most of our data about the player is from Vitality  that has been struggling as a team for over four splits.

Straight into the frying pan

His first week of play is also a hard one to judge by. Origen meets Misfits and G2 to kick off the 2nd part of the split. Both are hardly easy opponents to face and both are seeking to improve upon their standings. For Jactroll its a test on every front. If OG goes 0-2 this week, he is likely to get lambasted by OG fans from the get go.

Management does have faith however:

“Jactroll is a player the coaches have followed for years. If we were going to add another member halfway through the regular season, then it had to be someone with LEC experience and clearly defined strengths & weaknesses” Deficio stated.

The upcoming weekend is likely the biggest weekend for Jactroll in 2020. If he performs well and brings OG a solid week, he will clear his name and record and all these “fanboys” will quickly forget all the hateful stuff they threw at him today. If he under-performs he better delete his Twitter cause the mob has the pitchforks ready already.

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