LEC Playoffs Round 2 Preview

Round 2 of the 2020 LEC Spring Split Playoffs is just around the corner and we have plenty to breakdown for you. Last week, we wrote the perfect article predicting everything to the last detail. And then, G2 went and ruined it all.

This weekend we are taking a more conservative approach to our breakdown, as we evaluate the strengths and weakness of each individual match-up.

LEC Playoffs Round 2 Preview

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Origen vs Rogue

In our pre-Playoffs breakdown, we narrowly gave the series between Misfits and Rogue to the latter. There was nothing narrow about last week’s series however. Apart from Game 1 where Rogue was still warming up, the series was pretty one sided. We learned that Hans Sama’s Draven is not as convincing as it used to be. This makes OGs jobs a lot easier this week.

Unlike Rogue, OG was on the receiving end of a convincing series. Fnatic seemed to have everything under control even with the predicted Hylissang INTing and Bwipo charades. We knew OG was playing slow and controlled games, but last week they looked too slow and too predictable.

When put against Rogue, OG should have winning laners in every single lane. Alphari and Nukeduck are the players that should bring OG a series win if everything goes slow and methodical like OG likes it. Rogue similarly relies on good performances by Larssen and Finn in the same lanes OG does. When put head-to-head, this looks like a 3-0 for Origen.

Fnatic vs MAD Lions

MAD Lions started their first LEC Playoffs with the upset of all upsets. Besting G2 in a best-of-five is not small feat, especially when the series goes all the way to Game 5. The entire series was a fiesta of aggressive plays which surprisingly all went in MAD’s favor. Before the match-up we theorized that G2 would be able to beat MAD even if they lose early game. It almost turned out correct as the series could go either way as a single satchel charge was the decider.

On FNC’s side of things. We are yet to see a team really challenge Fanatic except for G2. Even with the tactical inting and silly plays, its the best Fnatic we’ve seen in the past three years. When compared to MAD Lions, they should have winning lanes top to bottom especially with Rekkles finding his mojo at the back of the split.

MAD Lions go to strategy would be to bait their opponent into uncontrollable aggressive clown fiesta games with more then 2 kills a minute. If FNC doesn’t fall into the same trap G2 did, they should come out as the victors.

G2’s Game

We already called the previous series for Origen, meaning they would be G2’s opponent if all goes according to plan. Yet, we also try to play it safe and analyze both potential scenarios coming G2’s way this weekend.

If by any chance G2 faces Rogue they are taking the series 3-0 no matter how prepared Rogue is. Even on their worst day the squad should easily take down RGE. On top of that, we already know Rogue makes quite a few mistakes in their games. Maybe Misfits and Origen would not be quick to exploit them by G2 definitely will.

In the more realistic scenario, Origen is still an underdog in the series. We do not think OG can replicate what MAD Lions achieved and force G2 into errors and bad fights. The OG squad usually tries to outscale, outplay and out-Meta their opponents. While this seems plausible against Rogue or any team in the league, against G2 it seems extremely unlikely.

In the end, G2 should move on to Round 3 quite easily.

Catch the LEC this Friday 10 April at 18:00 CEST at Twitch.tv/LEC

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