LEC achieves record viewership numbers in its most competitive split to date

With the LoL Esports format moving online, fans all around the world are increasing support to the various competitive leagues. Global events have dramatically risen online activity across the board. Gaming and esports in particularly has largely benefited given those made to stay at home seek an outlet to alleviate their boredom.

Riot has recently released viewership data on the LEC, the highest level of competitive play in Europe. Riot revealed throughout the weekend there had been over an 13,000,000 broadcast hours watched. This viewership exceeds the same time period in 2019 twofold! Given the massive rise in viewership hours, it is no surprise the record viewing peak for the LEC has been broken. It is now set at 479,784 viewers concurrently!

Medic and Vedius discussing viewership records

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The LEC Summer Split and the dedicated viewers

Currently, MAD Lions and Rogue are tied for the top spot, both 7-2 on the leader board.

The LEC is more competitive than ever before. Seven teams are at the same standings level as each other with either a 4-5 or 5-4 standing. Other than FC Schalke 04 who are struggling with only one win to their name, the other teams all have a good chance in qualifying for playoffs. Given MAD Lions and Rogue’s strong dominance to date, they are the most likely teams to first qualify for Playoffs.

G2 Esports look weaker this split with an average showing despite their ability to take down MAD Lions and Rogue. G2 while a capable team, have been playing inconsistently so far. The online format might soon spell the downfall of G2 if they are unable to regain their previous form. Fnatic follows a similar trajectory, sharing their standings with Vitality, Excel, Origen and SK Gaming.

With both LEC powerhouses struggling, fans are tuning in to watch every single match they previously skipped over. Additionally, side content like the Summer Promo Trailers, LEC’s take on Diplo’s “On my Mind” and Twitter mini clips have kept fans tuning in and boosting up the viewership numbers.

If the LEC continues to produce the same level of content throughout the split we can expect sustained viewership numbers all the way through Worlds 2020.

CBLOL surpassed LCS in viewership

Brazil’s competitive League (CBLOL) had recently reported viewership numbers exceeding that of North America, the original home of the competitive LoL scene, the LCS. CBLOL’s average viewership has almost doubled in comparison to a year ago. Given Brazil is emerging as one of the more popular regions, this could possibly by the rise of a new contender on the global scale.

While the LCS still maintains high viewership, numbers have dropped specifically for the region due to numerous regions. This includes the rise of Riot’s new game, Valorant. The new title has attracted many League of Legends players through its game, and quickly growing esports scene. Another factor is LCS viewership data no considering those watching the LCS indirectly. One example are “co-streams” covered below by IWD or others.

The LCS Summer broadcast issues certainly doesn’t help maintain viewership numbers. Yet, the LCS & LEC Drops are likely to attract even the more casual fans into watching competitive play this upcoming period.

It is expected LoL Esports viewership to continue its height until at least the pandemic dies down. This year’s League of Legends World Championship event, which is almost certainly an online event, is expected to break viewership records once again.

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