LEC superweek and the tightest Playoffs race to date

The final strech of the season will be decided in this weekend’s LEC Superweek three-day schedule. Theoretically, all ten LEC teams are still in the race for playoffs. Only two teams are confirmed a guaranteed Playoffs spot. They are Rogue and MAD Lions, and are also guaranteed first and second spot in the regular season.

This is where all certainty stops and the theory crafting begins.

LEC superweek and the tighest Playoffs race to date

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LEC Superweek 8 Matches

A total of 15 matches are on the programme this weekend. Each individual matchup is extremely important for both teams competing. We will not dive in depth for each and every individual match-up today. But we will cover seven matches that can have the biggest impact on the standings overall.

For a full schedule and match starting times refer to the LoL Esports Official Schedule.

Rogue vs MAD Lions

We start things off with the match of the week. Rogue and MAD Lions are set to battle Saturday in a battle that might determine the regular split champion and the Playoffs seeding as well. On paper MAD Lions looks like the better team. They also comfortably won the first match-up this split. All odds favor MAD Lions this weekend. Yet, we are aware that Rogue spent the entire week preparing for this matchup.

The determining factor will be the bot lane for both squads. If Hans Sama can hold his own and best Carzzy, Rogue has a solid chance of taking the win. If Carzy is left to do his bidding, it will be hard for the other Rogue lanes to mitigate his threat during the match. Regardless of specific drafts, we can expect Rogue to go for slower scaling while MAD goes for more aggressive comps and win in the early game. Which style prevails will likely determine the split champion as well.

SK Gaming’s Superweek

The LEC Superweek is not kind to SK Gaming. The strength of schedule is not on their side. The squad has to face G2, Origen and Fnatic in three consecutive matches. SK is sitting tied for 2nd currently, yet if they have a bad weekend they might end up out of playoffs. That’s how tight the race is right now. On a positive note only a single win pretty much guarantees playoffs for SK Gaming. Origen would be the default choice where they should look for a win, considering the stylistic missmatch of the two teams. OG has not shown much in terms of early game and aggressive outplaying as of late, and if there is one team SK can exploit its going to be OG.

We are not sure which G2 will show up on the day also. We might get a Claps or a Craps on Friday and the head2head might solve SK’s Playoffs before the weekend even gets rolling.

Schalke04 Dream Run

By Week 5 everyone had Schalke04 written off from Playoffs and the season as a whole. Who’d have thought ze germanz had in them to pull of a 4-0 miracle run. They are now three wins away from playoffs. In case of a 3-0 S04 week, they are likely going to place 6th and make it to playoffs. This will be the biggest series of upsets of the season.

It will be a tall order to pull off however, as they have to face both MAD Lions and Fnatic, and a decider against Vitality which they must not lose as it will cause elimination by default. Anyone with a little sense for LoL betting will realize that Schalke04 has amazing odds for all three matchups this weekend. You can expect to double or triple your money on every single match they play and win this weekend.

Playoffs theorycraft

Apart from the obvious statement that everyone can make it into Playoffs, seeding is of crucial importance as well. The team that gets first place in the Regular Season this year, will be the first seed in Playoffs. The second place however makes things trickier.

If Rogue ends up 2nd in the regular season and Fnatic or G2 end up 3rd, then Rogue will not be the 2nd seed in Playoffs. This would likely cause MAD Lions to choose Rogue in Round 1 of Playoffs and forcing a potential elimination match between the points winners from Spring.

If MAD Lions ends up 2nd, they are still guaranteed 2nd seed into Playoffs and a matchup versus 3/4th placed team.

Fnatic and G2 (if they make it into Playoffs) will likely have 3rd and 4th seed regardless of regular season placement due to their Spring Split Championship Points.

There is several scenarios where neither FNC, G2 or Origen make it to Worlds 2020 this year. Even with EU getting four Worlds slots.  The teams that win the higher seed Playoffs Round 1 are guaranteed a spot at Worlds 2020. The team that is lucky enough to be chosen by the 1st seed in Playoffs is guaranteed a spot at Worlds.

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