Rogue Superweek starts poorly, can they bounce back versus G2 and MAD?

The LEC Summer Split is here and the hype cannot be higher for the Super Week 1! Rogue has probably one of the toughest opening weeks out of the entire lot, facing three of the strongest teams in the League.

Will they be able to get the headstart like they usually do in the regular season? Let’s find out.

Rogue LEC summer 2022

Rogue’s LEC Summer 2022 Week 1 Preview

Rogue and Fnatic faced off Friday in the last match of LEC Day 1. Losing the first match of the Summer Split especially in such a methodical fashion can shaken resolve, especially against future opponents.

With the meta shifting, both teams were more or less on equal footing, but Fnatic’s play style and commitment to macro has put Rogue on unequal footing. Even with Rogue on blue side, arguably giving them the edge on priority picks, they still managed to falter draft and get outscaled.

Getting Ornn, Azir, Vi and Kalista should have given them both objective control and pick potential to easily shut down one or two Fnatic members each engage. And yet, Morgana and Orianna’s shields combined with a Draven and Gwen made Rogue’s comp look silly.

An utterly controlled game in which Rogue lost every relevant fight may spell doom for the rest of the weekend.

Rogue vs G2 – Saturday 21:00 CET

Rogue faces G2 tonight. G2 comes from a decent MSI performance, which started off super well but showed some gaps to the best teams from Asia. While “comfort” drafts are what allowed G2 to get to the finals and win the championship in Spring, they seem to be testing out the meta in Week 1.

In Game 1 versus Astralis we saw Gankplank, Zeri, Renata and Trundle, picks you don’t necessarily expect packed all together in a G2 match. Caps was the only player on his Zoe, and yet they made it work. Granted the opponent was not the highest caliber, but still a solid game was played. With Flakked and Targamas improving at MSI, they should be now even or better than Rogue’s bot lane. The jungle matchup should be the key to each team’s victory.

Rogue will have the benefit of blue side again, and should focus on shutting down Caps in mid. If they fail to do so, we will see a Caps showcase once again, especially now when G2 lanes can easily hold their own.

I’m pretty confident G2 will take the win. We have seen a different G2 after playoffs and I hope they can continue their streak in the regular season. My suggestion before betting on this match is to study well Rogue’s Day 1 Game: you will find some patterns that might prove useful. Below you can find other great LoL odds:

  • Winner: G2 Esports (1.99x)
  • First Blood: Rogue (1.87x)
  • First Herald: G2 Esports (1.89x)
  • Total towers: over 12.5 (1.56x)
  • Total kills: under 26.5 (1.75)
  • Map Duration: over 33.5 (2.03x)

Rogue vs MAD Lions – Sunday 21:00 CET

Finally, Week 1 closes with Rogue meeting MAD Lions to round out their extreme superweek. In Game 1, MAD Lions’s new midlaner (Nisqy) plowed through Vitality with relative ease in his first match for the team. Game 1 for MAD came down to a single Baron teamfight, which might cause trouble if they meet a more proficient teamfighting team like Rogue. However, if Rogue loses their G2 match, they may be too down to even risk flippy fights and get slowly beat down into submission.

There is a scenario where Rogue goes 0-3 in the opening week. That would be a first considering they are Europe’s bo1 kings. Their match versus G2 is an important one to not lose all momentum heading into Sunday.

If we get into predictions territory, it all depends on Game 2 performance for both teams, so its easier to make objectives based predictions here:

  • First Blood: Rogue (1.71x)
  • First Herald: Rogue (1.82x)
  • First Dragon: MAD Lions (1.93x)
  • Total towers: over 12.5 (1.66x)
  • Total kills: Over 26.5 (2.03x)
  • Map Duration: Over 33.5 (1.89x)

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