G2 domination or Vitality finally earns a win? – LEC Week 2 Predictions

We haven’t even absorbed the first week of LEC action and Week 2 is almost underway! Let’s see what went down last week and what are some of the expectations coming into the second week!

G2 LEC 2022

What went down in LEC Week 1?

The 2022 LEC Spring Split kicked off last week, as fans have been dying to see League of Legends action for the last two months. With all the roster moves and offseason changes, the LEC kicked off as teams were facing a lot of questions marks. One of which was Team Vitality: Perkz and Alphari’s returning to the European League sparked a lot of hype among fans, but they were, unfortunately, all disappointed.

The team started the LEC in the worst way possible, losing all the series and finishing dead last at the bottom of the standings. Together with Astralis, they are the only ones with no wins on the scoreboard.

If Vitality was the worst surprise of the league, then Rogue has been one of the most positive ones. Starting off strong with 3 wins, they will now have to face the stronger competition to actually see what their real level is, and they will do so in their Friday match against MAD Lions. Fnatic did not falter as well, as they took crucial wins off BDS, SK Gaming and Vitality.

LEC Week 2 Preview and Match Predictions

Week 2 will finally give us clarity in terms of power rankings and how the pre-season favorites stack up to one another. Two key matches take most of the hype in this week’s LEC schedule. Let’s take a look.

Rogue vs MAD – Friday 22:00 (CET)

The most interesting match of this week 2 is likely the series between Rogue and MAD Lions. Returning to the 2022 LEC season, both were regarded as some of the better contenders for the championship. Both teams had gone through a similar offseason, losing vital members of the roster and having to look for strong substitutes. Fortunately for them, they were able to find very promising talents, as they’re looking to repeat their success this year.

Coming into the series, I expect it to be a very close match between the two. Both have shown to have found their groove, so it will be a very competitive battle. Both teams have been sticking each to their own comfort playstyle: MAD Lions still loves playing through Elyoya’s proactivity, while Rogue is still going for the scaling team compositions. Based on the actual meta, however, I think that Rogue is slightly favored: when it comes down to the later stages of the game, Rogue is always one of the scarier teams. Also, MAD Lions have a much higher average game duration, due to their series gainst SK. If MAD Lions cannot create a big enough of lead, it will be hard for them to close out the game.

Below you can find the best odds for this series, all offered by GG.bet:

  • Winner: Rogue (1.93x)
  • Race to 5 Kills: MAD (1.88x)
  • First Blood: MAD (1.83x)
  • First Herald: MAD (1.86x)
  • First Dragon: Rogue (1.93x)
  • Map Duration: Over 33.5 min (1.85x)

Vitality vs G2 – Sunday 22:00 (CET)

We talked about Vitality’s first-week performance, but I think the team is still a very strong one. Actually, Vitality needs to find the right direction and comfort playstyle, which will require quite a bit of time. It’s not something that you can work out overnight, and rushing things will only backfire later. Most of the results will depend on draft, so make sure to check out that before betting. If Vitality actually starts playing more meta and builds a team composition, we will have a much closer series.

With that being said, I think that the series will be in G2’s favor, despite having the higher odds. G2 have already found their own “particular” playstyle, especially with some of the more exotic picks up in the top lane. Considering they are red side and will have the counter pick, I expect them to make sure Alphari doesn’t get out of the lane with a big lead. If that doesn’t happen, G2’s win would be almost in the bag.

Below are the odds for this series:

  • Winner: G2 (2.13x)
  • Race to 10 Kills: G2 (1.94x)
  • First Blood: VIT (1.73x)
  • First Herald: VIT (1.81x)
  • First Dragon: G2 (1.89x)
  • Map Duration: Over 33.5 min (2.07x)