LEC Week 3 Preview – Ultimate Rivalry Week and Match Predictions

After two weeks of gameplay, the LEC teams are slowly settling in. Misfits Gaming continues its positive trend, as G2 equaled them in the standings. The most successful team in LEC history won against Rogue in another banger, which we predicted in our last preview.

The big surprise, though, is Fnatic. Despite a rough start, they have bounced back with two clean games in Week 2. What will happen now that they will face their big rival G2? Let’s find out in our Week 3 Preview!

The odds in today’s selection are courtesy of GG.BET.

FNC LEC Week 3

Schalke04 vs Misfits Gaming – Will MSF remain victorious?

Schalke04 will be facing first-place Misfits Gaming on Saturday. (18:00 CET) It will be a very hard match for the German squad, as they’re still working around their synergy. On the other hand, Misfits Gaming fixed some of their issues and their work is paying off.

Nonetheless, there’s still the big question: is MSF strong enough to win the top teams? So far, their only loss was against Rogue, one of the best teams in the LEC. We will understand Misfits’ real strength once they’ve completed their first round robin. If they can maintain their performance, Misfits will guarantee themselves a playoff spot.

As a result, it should be expected to see MSF win against S04. They are the better team right now, both individually and as a team. Consider betting for them at GG.bet: an MSF win will net you a 1.6x return.
Also, a quick tip for you: Misfits’ games usually tend to last. They have a 33:14 average game duration. Might as well go try bet for an over 32.5-minute game: it will net you a x2.33 return on your investment.

Team Vitality vs MAD Lions – Will we see the “real” Vitality?

Team Vitality did not have the start they wished. They are currently 6th in the standings, with a 2-3 record. While it may not look disastrous, their two wins came against the “bottom teams” of the summer split: S04 and SK Gaming.

This means that Vitality struggles against the stronger teams. They are individually strong players but they seem a little off when it comes to macro and coordinated plays. The “real” Vitality must reach their peak performance if they still want to aim for Worlds.

Jungler Selfmade did mention that the team cannot deliver on “stage” and that they need to find the reason. This goes hand-to-hand with the fact that Vitality still needs to get to its highest potential. What goes against Vitality, however, is time. If they cannot get back on track by mid-split, they will likely say goodbye to chances of getting to playoffs.

The MAD Lions have had up and downs so far in the split. They did have good showings but also questionable performances. (Look at the game vs. XL) One of the reasons might be draft: the Lions seem to struggle to adapt. They haven’t played many of the power picks and only in the second week, they started playing according to the meta.

For this reason, the MAD Lions might continue their trend of having off-games. Will they have one against Vitality? We don’t think so. Vitality is still working on their flaws and it might take one or two more weeks for them to “come online”. So avoid betting for Vitality for the time being. However, there is a bet that you can count on Vitality: First Blood. The team always wants to look for early-game action: betting on that will net you a 2.29x return.

G2 Esports vs Fnatic – The most-awaited Rivalry

The Match of the Week is without a doubt the G2 vs FNC series. After a shaky start by FNC, the team seems to have found their groove, bouncing back with wins in Week 2. They still have things to improve, but FNC did make a huge turnaround compared to the first week.

This series will be a big test for the newly-put roster. Aside from the results, Fnatic’s performance will be indicative of whether they are back into playoff contention.

G2, on the other hand, needs to keep up the winning streak. They are slowly fixing the problems that coach Nelson mentioned last week. Despite that, G2 still cannot be regarded as the number 1 team in EU. We’ll have to see more of them: the next two weeks will be very important in terms of results.


Credit: Riot Games

For our prediction, we still think that G2 will come out on top. Fnatic did improve, but they still shouldn’t be a match to G2. Their only way to sneak in a victory would be with their extremely volatile plays. Expect the game to become a bloodbath, with more than 30 kills. Betting an over 29.5 will surely be a good opportunity to make some cash.