Le’Veon Bell wants to run the biggest Smash Bros tournament ever

Le’Von Bell is a well-known name in the NFL, but now he’s left his team it seems he’s turning his attention over to Super Smash bros. The fighting game is one of the most popular around and former NFL player Le’Veon Bell is one of its many fans.

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The player is set on hosting the biggest Smash bros tournament ever. Is this just bluster from a big fan of the game though?

Le’Veon Bell Smash Bros Tournament

Le’Veon Bell has been pretty public in his love of Smash Bros. The player has talked about the game on social media and even competed in a few tournaments outside of playing football. He’s recently retired from the NFL, and it seems he’s going to be spending some of his spare time now on the fighting franchise. Le’Veon Bell wants to host the biggest Smash Bros Tournament ever.

This is quite a promise. Is it just a tweet about something he thinks would be fun though? Bell actually has a background in organizing esports tournaments in the past.

Le’Veon Bell and Smash Bros

Le’Veon Bell is best known for the NFL. However, he has jumped into different Smash tournaments in the past. He was part of the team that organized the first version of the Box. This was in May 2020. Alongside Hungrybox and Team Liquid, he helped host that event that brought Smash Bros back despite the restrictions of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Box tournament isn’t quite the biggest event ever. At the time though, this was an impressive addition to Smash. It featured a bigger prize pool than many regular events, along with having a lot of hype heading in. The Box was a solid trial run, but offline, thanks to circumstances at the time. Le’Veon Bell’s next tournament might be even bigger though.

The big challenge in translating his experience at the Box over to new tournaments is going to be moving to an offline event. The recent Ludwig Invitational showed some of the problems that can come up at events taken offline, like venue issues and hardware problems. Although, Le’Veon Bell has worked with more experienced partners in the past.

If the player’s potential Smash Bros tournament is run by his past partners like Team Liquid, he’ll be able to tap into a lot more experience in hosting tournaments.

Can it Be the Biggest Ever?

The biggest Smash Bros tournament is a big idea. The current biggest is likely one of Smash’s inclusions at EVO, which often had big prize pools and massive attendance thanks to EVO being such a central part of the fighting game community. A new event is going to be up against the Panda Cup, a new Nintendo-sanctioned tournament. Along with other huge new tournaments, like Ludwig’s recent efforts.

Holding a bigger tournament than the Box is going to be a challenge. It looks like Bell is up for that challenge though.