LoL Arcane Event – What is Arcane? + Fortnite and PUBG Crossovers

LoL is approaching a pretty big milestone, and it isn’t going to be a major LoL tournament. League is Legends is about to see the release of a Netflix spin-off cartoon. This is big news for the game and it will surely expose it to an even wider audience. It isn’t the first show of its kind, with Netflix already producing Castlevania and Dota tie ins. The LoL Arcane show is going to be a nine-episode cartoon, depicting some of the most popular characters from the game.

While the LoL Arcane show itself is the main event, League of Legends is doing a lot to promote this. There are going to be in-game events for LoL to celebrate, alongside crossovers with loads of other games like Fortnite and PUBG. This is everything that’s going on for the LoL Arcane event.

LoL Arcane

Riot x Arcane

LoL Arcane Events

In LoL itself, players are going to be able to look at a lot of Arcane related content. The game is getting fresh skins for a number of characters that will depict their appearance in Arcane. This is a fun tie in, and if you’re a fan of the show then these skins are probably going to be pretty exciting. These are the Arcane skins that are coming to the game:

  • Caitlyn
  • Jayce
  • Jinx
  • Vi

These are going to be available in the Piltover and Zaun sets. These skins look pretty different to their standard looks in the game. The skins are going to be released as part of the LoL patch 11.22. This is due to drop on November 3rd, and it will also contain another Teamfight tactics set. These skins are what has leaked so far for the crossover. However, can probably expect a bigger in-game event to launch alongside the show too.

Fortnite and Other LoL Arcane Crossovers

Content in LoL itself is one thing, but promotion for this LoL Arcane how is reaching out to other games too. Riot x Arcane collaboration with Epic Games for a Fortnite crossover is underway as well. A leak for Fortnite has shown that a few League of Legends skins are going to be featured in the game to crossover with LoL. While Fortnite typically has a lot of crossovers, doing so with other esports titles is a lot rarer. These skins will probably only be available this once, so it is worth checking them out while they’re there.

In terms of a release date for the skin, this is currently just a leak. However, players should keep their eyes open for the Fortnite skin after the show launches on November 6th.

Alongside the Fortnite collaboration, it looks like the game will be crossing over with PUBG too.  At the moment, this crossover has only been teased by devs. PUBG Mobile has teased the crossover with art confirming that the PUBG collaboration will launch on November 16th.

Alongside PUBG and Fortnite, Reddit is getting some avatar icons for the LoL Arcane characters. There will likely be more small tie ins like this.

Arcane and Worlds 2021 Finals

The Arcane tie ins are definitely grabbing attention for Lol right now, but the esports side of the game is building to a climax as well. The 2021 World Championships are drawing to a close this week, concluding on November 6th. If you’re looking at LoL betting, or just more interested in the game than a TV show, then these finals aren’t to be missed.

The LoL Arcane launch looks set to be one of the biggest gaming tie-in events of the year. The first episode is going to be broadcast on Twitch with drops for viewers, so everyone has a chance to see what is behind all of these crossovers.

Enjoy the pinnacle of this League of Legends season, this weekend with Arcane, the World Finals and plenty of rewards to boot.