LoL EU Masters Semifinals Preview – LFL final in the making?

Even if the LEC Summer Split ended, the action in League of Legends doesn’t stop! EU Masters is entering the semifinals where teams will fight for a spot in the final and ultimately the EM trophy! With off-season already hitting EU teams hard, players are seeking to showcase their skills and hopefully get signed in the LEC next season. Plenty is on the line for these players in the upcoming weekend.

Let’s dig into it.

EU Masters Semifinals

EU Masters Semifinals

We are down to 3 regions in the EU Masters semifinals, with both LFL teams favored in their respective duels. Are we going to end up with a repeat of the LFL Summer 2021 final at EU Masters?

Of course, we will also help you with some advices on how to place your bets and make some quick cash! All the odds are courtesy of GG.BET.

Karmine Corp vs BIG

The first match we’re going to be looking at is the series between Karmine Corp and BIG. The two teams’ identities are quite different: on one side, we have KCorp with a very versatile and balanced trio of possible carries. Top, mid and ADC can take up the role and be the leader of the team. This is very similar to what the best teams in the LEC do. Having the agency of choosing many different compositions and playstyles is always going to be beneficial, especially when it comes down to draft. In addition, KCorp’s champion pools are pretty wide and at EU masters they showed that they understand and play the meta very well.

On the other hand, we have BIG, which instead is focusing on control as their modus operandi. Both RKR and Akabane focus heavily on controlling the mid/jungle and river area, splittign the map in almost every matchup. While most of their picks seem like an all in pick setup, they can do both the traditional front-to-back team compositions and heavy rotational picks. To that end, both teams will clash their styles in several games and try different approaches to comps to edge ahead. Expect Rakan and Xin Zhao to be heavily contested picks.

Based on their recent performances in EU Masters, KCorp is without a doubt the big favorite here: even the bookmakers hard favors KCorp coming into this series. With that being said, it’s more beneficial to bet on the right score for this series. A 3-1 series is definitely very likely, in this case, and getting it right will net you a 3.31x return, which is not too shabby.

Other goods bets to make are First Blood (2.05x) and First Turret (1.85x): BIG usually manages to force a jungle fight and earn an early first blood or tower, if the pick favors them make sure to exploit this markets.

Fnatic Rising vs ⁠⁠Misfits Premier

The other match that we’re going to take a look at is between Misfits Premier and Fnatic Rising.

Misfits Premier is one of the favorites to win everything: they have a very good understanding of early game aggression and like building up the big leads with both Dragons and Rift Heralds. This is possible thanks to the mid laner and support helping the jungler with the objectives, while allowing ADC Woolite to farm his resources. Aphelios, one of the stronger options in the patch, is his go-to pick. If the marksman is left open, Woolite will probably pick him up.

Fnatic on the other hand, is on a miracle run of their own. From Play-ins all the way to Semifinals, Fnatic channeled the same energy as their main roster, and making a miracle run through the bracket. Watch out for Mahdi “Pride” Nasserzadeh in the top lane and his fall to Gankplank and Kennen picks for this series.

Nonetheless, is considered a heavy underdog in this match, despite their miracle run. Most betting markets are in Misfits’ favor. First Tower is surely a good bet to make (1.48x), as well as race-to-10 kills will net you a 1.42x return. If you want to predict the right score, go for a 0-3: you’ll more than double your investment and the probabilities of Misfits Premier dropping a game are low.