Battle of Fourths – Mid-Season Invitational 2022 Group C Breakdown

The Mid-Season Invitational 2022 is upon us. The second-biggest event in the professional League of Legends ecosystem is set to take place in Busan, South Korea from May 10-29. For the first time in three years, teams will have an opportunity to exhibit their skills in front of a live audience at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO).

Let’s turn our attention to the MSI Groups, as part of our pre-MSI event breakdown. If you already skimmed through them, you may have noticed how Group C, consisting of teams from LEC, LCS and LCO. All the three western teams: G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses and ORDER placed fourth in their regional regular Spring Splits.

Each had to take the tough route to get here. And each battled hard through the Losers Bracket to make it all the way to MSI 2022.

MSI 2022 Group C breakdown

Three paths to glory paved by greatness

First up, G2 Esports beat Fnatic 3-0 to romp into the grand finale, where they blanked Rogue by a similar margin to clinch their berth at the MSI 2022. By securing a record 12-0 run through the lower bracket, they seemed to unlocked some inner magic, because each of the matches came with the full disclaimer that a loss would mark the end of their playoff run. Caps enhanced his credentials by earning the coveted “finals MVP” award following three career-defining games in the series.

Over in NA, Evil Geniuses completed a 12-1 Lower Bracket run to punch their card into MSI. Equally as impressive as their European counterparts, they had to beat season favorites TL in a re-match and absolutely stomp 100T to make their case for the trophy. As soon as they secured their spot, the banter against EU started.

EG’s mid-laner jojopyun spoke openly about how they are simply going to dominate G2 at the Mid-season Invitational. This didn’t, obviously, go down well with G2, with their jungler Jankos getting drawn into the war of words. Jankos responded saying the North American mid-laner, touted to be one of the best young talent coming through, is “frankly over his head” and that they will “make him understand.” Yet another jojopyun comment that didn’t go down too well with G2 was his: “we’re going to sh*t on EU” remark.

This brings us to the main tournament, where both G2 and EG will play at least two times, with the top two teams qualifying directly to the Rumble stage. Trash talks have now gained as much steam as the actual rivalry promises to elicit on match day. Except no side to relent when it comes to the verbal volleys. They are sure to go all guns blazing, and fight fire with fire. Expect two intense group stage battles.

It promises to be spicy.

Amid this crazy battle, let us not discount ORDER. This is the first time they’ve mad it to the MSI, but it’s a commendable feat for a side that was assembled less than five years ago. Their talent included Victory ‘FBI’ Huang of 100 Thieves and James ‘Tally’ Shute from Golden Guardians. They presence of the best mid-jungle duo in Oceania history – Samuel ‘Spookz’ Broadley and Simon ‘Swiffer’ Papamarkos – give them the heft.

Despite the presence of such stalwarts, luck has eluded them on the big stage. Now, in 2022 it’s an opportunity to slay those demons and set themselves up for one big push. BioPanther is their biggest X factor heading into the tournament, along with four relatively unknown players. It’s a massive gamble that they’re ready to live with heading into the tournament.

I fully expect, G2 and EG to advance into the Rumble Stage. ORDER might get a lucky win against one of the two, but nothing beyond that.