LoL Wild Rift 2.0 – What’s New and How’s the Game developing?

LoL Wild Rift is a mobile addition to the major esports franchise. This is a mobile game hoping to follow the success of similar LoL clones like Honor of Kings, but this time with the weight of the actual League of Legends franchise behind it.

The game has recieved the first major update, Wild Rift 2.0 has launched. This has brought changes and new champions to the game. However, the title is still in an open Beta. These changes are building, but the game is yet to be released. So how far has the new update gone in finishing the game?

Wild Rift 2.0

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Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.0

The first patch of 2021 is Wild Rift 2.0. This addition has brought quite a bit to the game and how gone further towards fleshing the title out ahead of a full release. This is what’s new:

New Champions in Wild Rift 2.0

  • Corki
  • Kennen
  • Tristana
  • Lulu
  • Teemo

These are the new champions added into the game with this update. It obviously doesn’t bring the game close to the scope of champions available in mainstream LoL. However, the extra variety added in has made a big difference.

Features Added in 2.0

Wild Rift 2.0 has had a significant impact on the quality of life in the game. These are the features that have been added.

  • Party finder – This one is essential for a more casual game. You’re able to find yourself a party easily.
  • Latency Indicators – The latency indicator has been removed from the homepage since it wasn’t accurate. Instead there is a new ping indicator while playing. This is a big improvement, first because the feature actually works this time. On top of that, this information is vital when playing on a mobile device with a less stable connection.
  • Social Sharing – You can share achievements on social networks.
  • Map Description – Some detailed information on how maps are laid out is available.
  • Mastery Emotes – Mastery Emotes are unlocked by achieving ranks and levels in game, a nice visual flair for players to show off their skill.
  • Skins – A lot of skins have been added.
  • Champion Rotation – The champions in free-to-play have been rotated around with the Wild Rift 2.0 update.
  • Ranked – More information non Season 1 of Ranked mode has been added.

How is Wild Rift Developing?

LoL Wild Rift 2.0 is a big update for the game, but how is the overall title developing? The addition of quality of life improvements and information on the ranked mode make a big improvement. Things like accurate ping information is a great compliment to these kinds of improvements. These features have gone a long way towards making Wild Rift feel more fleshed out, and the reaction has been pretty positive.

Party finder – best thing that happened to Wild Rift from wildrift

All of the improvements in Wild Rift 2.0 are helpful, but the game is still far from the level of popularity seen by competitors. It seems the title has a lot more growing to do before it reaches its goals as a mobile esport, but Wild Rift 2.0 is a step in the right direction. The launch of a ranked mode soon is another good sign, these early competitive matches will be vital for seeing if Wild Rift has much potential as a competitive game.

Finally, the first ranked season is set to begin on the 8th of January.

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