All the Worlds 2020 Event Pass, Missions and Drop Rewards

The League of Legends World Championship is 24 hours away. The kick-off tomorrow means all the bonus Worlds 2020 content becomes available for you to claim. This year, it includes new Worlds 2020 exclusives, skins, missions and drops.

Riot Games are really putting on a show for the 10th World Championship. Compared to regular events, players will be earning double the Prestige points and have almost double the regular amount of content to unlock in the next month.

Worlds 2020 Event Pass, Missions and Drop Rewards

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Worlds 2020 Event Pass

The Worlds Pass will cost you 1650 RP or 2650 RP (for the bundle) containing 200 Worlds Tokens and 4 Worlds Orbs. The costlier version contains the limited edition Dragonmancer Sett. The extra Worlds 2020 Tokens can be used to purchase unique loot from this years event. The pass and accompanying skins will be available with the start of the event.

Dragonmancer Skins

As the name implies, the skins are dragon-themed with features like scales, mythical effects, gauntlets and bows all with dragon-like design. The new collection features skins for Ashe, Aurelion Sol, Brand and Lee Sin. The Dragonmancer Sett we mentioned above is also a part of the collection, but is a Prestige edition level skin.

Additionally, we are certain several Chroma options will be available for some if not all of the champions.

Ashe Worlds 2020 Skin

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Furthermore, last year’s Worlds saw a multi skin-line event series as well. Fans are preparing for the unveiling of another line this year as well. Rumors (mostly of the hopeful unfounded kinds) include a K/DA skin series that could show the band members in their secondary occupations – among other things, at least.

Worlds 2020 Missions

Two batches of Worlds 2020 Missions will become available on October 1st0 and October 15th. We are of course talking about the in-game kind which you have to complete in sets to unlock the standard worlds rewards. If you bought yourself a Worlds Pass you will gain access to 30 additional Milestone missions awarding anything from Masterworks Keys and Chests, Prestige Points and Gemstones to Ward Skins and Clash tickets.

Finally, there is a set of a Weekly Win missions for those that own the Worlds 2020 Pass. You will need to earn 35 points each week, and be awarded with a ton of Worlds Tokens. Points are collected just by playing the game regardless of winning or losing.

Worlds 2020 Watch and Pick’em Missions

We are not done with missions just yet. Two additional sets of missions are available for anyone participating in the Worlds Pick’em contest or watches through LoL Esports.  For just locking your picks at each stage of the event you are awarded some basic rewards. On top of that, correctly guessing and earning points in pickems will reward you scaling Poro Icons up until the Pick’em Poro Prophet Icon for earning 66 or more points in the contest.

Remember that if you guess right for every stage of Pick’ems, you can expect a cache with 5 ultimate skins: DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.

Worlds 2020 Drops

Drops are back for Worlds 2020 as well. This year you can earn drops by watching both through YouTube and Twitch. All you need to do is connect your Riot ID is to both platforms. The drop mechanic identical as it was during the LEC/LCS regular seasons.

You need to watch live games through and the drops will keep on coming. The system is set up in a way that awards drops for each milestone at the event. You can expect to gain a drop during the Opening and Closing ceremonies, at each stage of the event and during specific in-game events like Penta Kills, Baron Steals or any cringey meme moment that occurs.

If you don’t plan to follow the entire event, you can always just watch high-priority teams and their games to earn your loot. Our LoL Worlds Power Rankings should help you identify them.

Finally, over 100 rewards are available to you at Worlds 2020. Pair it with your Fantasy LoL, Worlds Pick’ems and LoL Worlds Betting, and you have a full 24 hour entertainment cycle for your next 40 days.

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