8.6 PBE Update – What you can expect to come

New ultimate and hextech skin!

Riot has announced their next Ultimate Skin, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. As usual, Riot has put a whole lot of work into this skin. Following the previous Spirit Guard Udyr and Elementalist Lux skins, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune will also have different sub skins within, enabling her to change appearance in game. This skin definitely has a futuristic, mechanical feel; that said, Riot has implemented a great deal of details / effect on each ability.

League of Legends Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

The next skin in the Hextech line up has finally arrived, Hextech Alistar. The hextech skin will following previous pricing, costing 10 Gemstones to craft. By introducing Hextech Alistar as the newest gemstone craftable skin, Riot has finally payed attention to all the roles.

One for all return

After a long dry run of featured game modes, Riot has indicated their intention to bring the rotating game mode back. This will likely roll out in the server through the April patch.

What is One for all?

One for all is a special game mode ran on summoners rift where every player on the team is made to play a single champion. This champion is decided in ‘champ select’, where each member votes the champion they wish to play. Each vote adds a twenty percent chance of the champion being picked by the system, allowing each player to have equal say on who they want.
For example, if four players vote for Alistar, there will be an 80% chance of Alistar being picked.

Minion stat changes – IMPORTANT –

Melee Minion:

Base Health – 473 > 480
HP per level – 21
Gold – 20 > Flat 21

Caster Minion:

Base Health – 296 > 320
HP per level – 14
Gold – 17 > 14

Cannon Minion:

Base Health – 828 > 900
HP per level – 23 > 50
Gold – 45 > 60

Why is this significant?

You will have to get use to cs’ing again since hp valued are all being changed. Failing to adapt will result you in losing a fair bit of cs. In addition, missing cannon minions are now a whole lot worse, considering the gold value is much higher than before.

League of Legends Minion update

Item changes

Abyssal Mask – Magic damage increase passive up to 15% from 10%. However, to compensate, the range from the passive is massively reduced. This change mainly impacts heavily ranged champions that poke from a fair distance.

Dead Man’s Plate – Stacks can now be discharged at any value, each stack directly converting into an extra one damage on the next auto attack. The additional auto buff will deal magic damage instead of the previous physical damage.

Duskblade of Draktharr – Spotting wards with the passive now has a new effect, where melee attacks towards them will instantly eliminate it. Damage for melee / ranged champs will be equal, changed to 30-200. Overall, the makes Duskblade a much worse item as it reduces the burst damage extremely heavily.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade – Cost reduced by 600, to a total of 3000g. However, the stats have been reduced largely to 25 AP, 25 AD and 25% attack speed (Half AP, AD shot down by 33%). Some other values on passive also slightly adjusted.

Hextech GLP-800 – Cost reduced by 200, to 2800.
Locket of the Iron Solari – Active completely changed, it now summons a protective field after a short delay which reduces damage taken by 35%.

Rapid Firecannon – Energized attack damage 50-120, up to 60-140

Seraph’s Embrace – Shield mana consumption down to 15% with the duration also reduced to 2 second from 3.

Shurelya’s Reverie – Cost 2100. Item gives 200hp, 40AP, 10% CDR, 8% ms. Active boosts you and nearby teammates movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Statikk Shiv – Energized attack damage 60-160 down to 60-140