All Star 2019 viewership only a third of 2017 – Is LoL esports on the downturn?

This year’s 2019 League of Legends All Star event marked the 4th time North America has hosted the event.

All Star had always been an international hit, attracting many of the best players around the world. While a major event, the LoL All Star differentiates itself from other international events, as teams are created simply for the event and for pure entertainment purposes.

league of legends all star 2019

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Hosted this year in Las Vegas, the event ran for a short three days. While in the past, all stars had been major hit with fans, this year’s iteration has seen a sharp decline in viewership. According to, a website that collects and records statistics of such events, 2019 has had the lowest viewership in the past four years. 2017 had seen a total watch time of 8,403,788 hours, in comparison, this year’s event only reached 2,825,960 hours of watch time.

This drastic decline is unlikely related to the game’s player base, considering the game continues to grow, albeit slower than the past. Some have speculated the event’s poor marketing and exposure for its low viewership. Many redditors in particular have expressed not even knowing the event had been running despite being fans of the event in the past.

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NA vs EU

The NA and EU rivalry continues once again. This year, Europe triumphed given their extremely strong performance in 2019. NA has continue to stagnate while EU remains stronger than ever.


The LCK and LPL had in the past been considered the two strongest regions. However, Korea’s recent downfall in the world stage turned fans to favour the LPL team. That said, Korea can never be disregarded as a major region, the LCK representatives taking down the LPL team.

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