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League of Legends All-Stars 2020 will be held entirely online. Riot Games have set the start date for  the 18th of December. This time around things have been shifted online play only. In order to facilitate for the differences online play a new format has been created specifically for this years event.

The All-Stars Event is an international invitational for the best League players in the season. The roster is compromised of the most popular players out there, voted upon by the public. Players compete  across various game modes, along with influencers and content creators. The event has been running for a few years, but 2020’s unique circumstances are forcing a bit of a re-think this time.

The event is going to be taking place in two halves. This is what you need to know.

LoL All Star 2020

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The League of Legends All-Stars Tournament 2020

The League of Legends All-Stars event is taking place over December 19-20. The event is still the same All-Stars as in previous years, with regions pitted against regions. Each team is going to be voted on by the public, then they’ll taking part in events against each other.

To accommodate for exclusively online play, matches between close regions will be preferred. In the latter stages, a showdown between some Frankenstein-teams of the biggest names in League of Legends can be expected.

Underdog Uprising

The Underdog Uprising is the first event taking place. This will be held on December 18th. Teams from smaller regions are competing against the bigger teams in League of Legends. The squads consist of players chosen by fans voting here too.

To accommodate the bigger distance between players and higher ping, teams are matching up to minimize lag and problems. The new format is taking place to deal with the online change. This isn’t ideal, but this creative change to the format is going to keep the event as fun as possible, despite the limitations this time around. Since the theme here is underdogs versus big teams, this might be an easy call for League of Legends betting.

LoL All Star 2020 Underdogs Uprising

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Superstar Showdown

The Superstar Showdown is the second half of the event, taking place over December 19-20th. This event is going to be a showdown between three teams. There is an All-Stars team, consisting of five players voted on by fans. The second is the legends team, consisting of former pros. While the last is five influencers and content creators.

These three muddled up teams are taking part in a number of different matches with different rulesets. The All-Stars Event is more about a bit of fun than a fight for complete supremacy, so you can expect some more interesting types of games alongside some serious clashes.

The League of Legends All-Stars Event in 2020 is going to be quite a bit different than in previous years. Although, that isn’t going to mean that the tournament doesn’t matter. Riot have found a fun away around the limitations of online play. The slightly different format isn’t exactly a reduced event or a slimmed down proceedings, just an alteration. This kind of clever adaption is putting League of Legends in a good place for 2021. Even with some changes for online play, the game is still thriving in 2020.

League of Legends All-Stars Voting

In order to see your favorites players on the “big stage” you will have to vote daily for your favorites. Starting Monday 9th of November, you’ll be able to vote for one player in each role from all the LoL Esports competitive leagues. The official portal and Twitter account announced the details on November 10th!

You can vote for all the competitive leagues in League of Legends, however many of the top picks you’d expect might not be available for your vote. For example, in Europe neither Rekkles nor Caps are in the list. The same goes for Perkz and Jankos.

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