ARURF extended for a month

Riot has blessed players with the news that the much loved game mode, All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, will be sticking around for another month.

What is All Random Ultra Rapid Fire?

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, also known as ARURF, is one of the most popular game modes. ARURF is based in the main summoners rift, where players are given a random champion in “champion select”, just like ARAM. Similar to ARAM, players can reroll their champion. These rerolls stack up to a maximum of 2 and can be earned by simply playing the mode. Purchasing the “Golden Spatula Club” membership will also grant an extra reroll every champion select.


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Once players enter the rift, all will be given a permanent game buff which increases a wide range of stats, but most notably, grants unlimited mana and an 80% cooldown reduction buff. This combination of buffs transforms ARURF into a fast-paced game mode and total frenzy filled with kills.

This year’s release of ARURF features a cannon next to each team’s fountain, this cannon can be taken an unlimited number of times and transport players to anywhere in their half of the map after a short duration.

Why has ARURF ben extended?

Usually, Riot releases URF or ARURF for short period of time, normally two or three times a year. Riot argued this game mode burns players out, as they tend to grind the game mode and quit playing LoL after URF /  ARURF is gone.

Riot stated in a post the mode was extended for four more weeks “as a gift to all those who’ve been enjoying the game mode”. However, it is likely a move by Riot to gather further data on player retention even after the game mode has been present a long time. No matter Riot’s motive, it’s great that ARURF will be sticking awhile a little longer.

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