Best ADCs to play in tandem with Morgana in LoL

Wondering which are the best ADCs in LoL to play with Morgana? Here are the top five marksmen to pair with her.

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5 Best ADCs to play in duo with Morgana in LoL

Caitlyn – the sieging bot lane duo

Caitlyn is the number one choice when playing with Morgana support. The two are a known combo that excels at sieging and pressuring the enemies toward their turret. This duo is fast at clearing minions and is a real threat during the laning phase. One Q from Morgana will basically guarantee that the rooted target gets halved since the root duration is long enough to follow it up with another root by Caitlyn’s traps.

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With Morgana Q and W, as well as Caitlyn’s traps, the enemies cannot farm freely during the lane. Once both get to level six, things get even worse: Morgana has more crowd control to kill targets, while Caitlyn can snipe them from afar.

Ezreal – the double bully combo

While Ezreal isn’t as strong as Caitlyn at sieging and creating pressure during the laning phase, he trades a bit of that power for much more “independence”. Thanks to his E and overall long-range, he can better kite enemies can get out of danger if possible.

Morgana’s presence further makes sure he cannot be targeted by crowd controls and pinned down, while also giving good harass and poke during the laning phase. Ezreal is usually at his weakest in the first few minutes so Morgana must focus on protecting his bot lane partner from not getting killed.

On a positive note, she isn’t even that reliant on hitting Qs since it will be mostly on Ezreal to consistently hit his abilities for a good DPS. And just like Caitlyn, Ezreal offers good scaling so you won’t have issues later in the game as well. While most other ADCs in this list require Morgana to play aggressively, this is one of the few bot lane duos where Morgana has a much more supportive role.

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Jhin – it’s time to snipe people

Jhin is a great pick to play with Morgana since he can quickly follow up with all his damage when Morgana hits a binding. Another nice interaction is the Morgana W plus Jhin W combo: it only takes one tick of Morg’s W to proc the mark to root the target.

The two excel at finding windows for small and quick trades during the laning phase and punish as soon as an enemy makes a small mistake. That said, remember to not drag the fights out since Jhin needs to recharge his shots.

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Similar to Caitlyn, Jhin and Morgana have a powerful level six combo: Morgana can walk up aggressively to lock down the targets and the Virtuoso can use Curtain Call to snipe people from a safe distance. If you want to know what other supports work well with Jhin, you can find them here.

Miss Fortune – the burst damage combo

While Jhin requires strong mechanics and a good understanding of how his scaling works, Miss Fortune does a similar job but in a much easier way. This is because she can easily follow up Morgana’s Qs with her own abilities and this duo can stack MF’s E with Morgana’s W to apply a slow and proc more damage. And even though the damage is not that high, this combo can be hard spammed across the entire laning phase.

But the main reason why you pick this duo is to synergize the two ultimates. As long as Morgana can apply a stun with her ultimate on multiple targets, Miss Fortune can blow them up with a well-placed Bullet Time. The stun duration will be long enough to take them down, and they won’t be able to retaliate in any way, shape, or form before seeing the grey screen.

If you’re not familiar with the fundamentals of the bottom lane, this is one of the easier bot lane duos to play with Morgana as support.

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Vayne – peel the hypercarry

With some meta ADCs dropping in priority, we saw Vayne’s play rate rising and Morgana is among the support champions that perform well with her. This is thanks to her ability to protect Vayne with her spell shield.

The most notable synergy comes from Morgana’s ability to potentially stun or root a target for Vayne’s auto attacks and abilities. The protection from crowd controls will allow Vayne to take over the teamfights, as she will be dashing left and right with her Tumble unscathed.

That being said, this bot lane duo will struggle in the first phases of the laning phase, as Vayne has little wave clear and it will be hard to win the early trades.

These are the best ADCs to play with Morgana! Do you think we missed any?

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