Counters for Ashe in LoL – Who Counters Ashe in Lane?

If you are losing fairly often against Ashe in LoL, here is the list of the best counters you can start playing to increase your win rate.

best ashe counters in lol

Image Credit: Riot Games

Ashe counters in LoL – the three best choices

Ashe is one of those champions that looks weak or strong depending on how good the player piloting her is. Her kiting potential is quite high but she can also be punished easily if a misstep is made. That said, we can’t always rely on enemies’ mistakes to win games, which is why I present you three of the best Ashe counters you can play.

If you’re fairly new to the game, check out our guide on how counter picks work in League of Legends. It will help you understand why counter picks are important, and how you need to take advantage of them to increase your win rate. Try to also understand how classes counter one another in LoL to improve your game knowledge so you always know which champions are stronger in each situtation.

Twitch – Longer range, better scaling

Twitch is usually only played by a bunch of ADC mains who love to solo carry games. While the rat doesn’t beat Ashe in lane, his ultimate and burst damage allows him to one-shot Ashe with just a couple of auto attacks. Not to mention that he can go invisible and sneak behind the enemy lines to take her down: Ashe’s low mobility will be punished at that point. You will need a good partner to survive the laning phase, however, so make sure to play Twitch with his best support picks.

Senna – chill and scale

Similar to Twitch, Senna will win most of the game just by playing the game slowly and outscaling her. Her infinite scaling will turn her into an unstoppable machine. As long as you don’t get caught repeatedly by Ashe’s arrows during the game, you should have no issues dealing with her. Senna is a popular pick now, and her flexibility as a support and ADC opens up various combinations to counter Ashe.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Draven – fight me if you can

Draven is one of the most lane-driven Ashe counters in League of Legends. There are no ADCs that deal as much damage as Draven early on  (as long as he keeps his axes spinning). If you just happen to find the right windows to get a few trades in, you’ll always be able to win them. Getting one kill is enough to snowball and take over the bot lane. That said, Draven, compared to other ADCs, might be more mechanically demanding and requires a good killing instinct to punish even the slightest of mistakes. Don’t pick it for the first time, or the result might be disastrous

Worst Ashe counters

Lucian – self-countering

Lucian in its current state is only strong if he’s partnered up with specific supports, and even then, the matchup against Ashe is still in her favor. This is because Lucian struggles to run away from Ashe, and his mobility gets countered by the Freljord champion’s crowd controls.

Even though the matchup is not unplayable, it’s overall a tough one.

Ezreal – hit and run

Ezreal is one of those champions that can look busted or weak based on the player’s proficiency. When facing Ashe, however, he’s always bound to struggle: his DPS is worse and requires more time to scale up. Don’t play him against her unless you’re absolutely confident in your skills.

How do you counter Ashe items?

Counters in League of Legends do not just refer to the champions but also to the items built. When going up against Jhin, it’s recommended to stack armor and health to survive his auto attacks. Below is a list of items to build based on the class of champions you’re playing:

  • Bruisers: Randuin’s Omen (if crit), Plated Steelcaps
  • AD assassins: Guardian’s Angel
  • ADC champions: Guardian’s Angel
  • AP champions: Zhonya’s Hourglass
  • Tanks: Dead Man’s Plate, Randuin’s Omen (if crit), Iceborn Gauntlet

What Champion counters Ashe?

The three best champions are Twitch, Senna, and Draven. There are others you can consider such as Jhin, Kalista, and Tristana but they are a lot more situational and it’s tougher to maximize their potential in the matchups.

Does Ashe counter Varus?

Ashe is a strong pick into Varus due to her ability to punish Varus’ lack of mobility. She can chase him with the slow on auto attacks and win skirmishes if she’s able to hit the Crystal Arrows. That said, Varus also has the tools to take Ashe down thanks to his poke.

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