Best Augments in LoL Arena

Ever wondered which are the best augments to pick up in LoL Arena? Here is everything you need to know to increase your chances of victory.

best lol arena augments

Image Credits | Riot Games

Which are the best Augments in LoL Arena?

Aside from revamped items, Riot Games introduced unique Augments to their new 2v2v2v2 game mode, LoL Arena. They are special power-ups, granting champions unique buffs and effects to improve their power in the game. From granting additional stats to other specific interactions, augments add one extra layer of complexity.

Image Credits | Riot Games

That being said, just like in other game modes, there are Augments that are better and stronger than others. And while many of them depend on which champions and situations are used, some consistently perform better. With this in mind, let’s go over the best augments in LoL Arena, divided by tiers.

We’ll also add a few examples of champions that synergize well with these effects so that you have a clearer idea once you jump into your next games.

Best Silver Augments in LoL Arena

  • Witchful Thinking
  • Sonic Boom
  • Executioner
  • Infernal Soul

Witchful Thinking

  • Gain 70 Ability Power.

Even though Witchful Thinking is categorized as a silver augment, it has comparable levels of power to gold augments on the AP-heavy champions, such as the control mages. It can be a great boost of damage especially early on, where getting an extra 70 AP can make a difference between a won and lost round.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Heimerdinger, Zyra, Cassiopeia.

Sonic Boom

  • Buffing, Healing, or Shielding your ally deals 40 – 160 (based on level) true damage and slows enemies surrounding them by 30% for 2 seconds (2 seconds cooldown).

This augment is specifically made for the enchanter supports, allowing them to deal additional damage and apply consistent slows on the enemies.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Karma, Lulu, Sona.


  • Deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on takedowns.

Getting extra damage on low-health targets can make a huge difference in certain rounds, especially during the early stages of the game. The 15% damage increase is huge and getting the ability resets on takedowns allows you to keep fighting against the remaining enemy.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Samira, Darius, Rumble.

Infernal Soul

  • You gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with Abilities or Attacks.

Infernal Soul is particularly strong on those that can quickly fire multiple abilities (poke champions), or melee champions that can cast auto attacks in quick succession.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Jayce, Corki, Shyvana.

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Best Gold Augments

  • The Brutalizer
  • Thread the Needle
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Scoped Weapons
  • Outlaw’s Grit
  • Shrink Ray
  • Recursion

The Brutalizer

  • Gain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 15 Lethality.

While it only grants additional base stats, there are many champions in the game that love getting all these increments. Just like Executioner for Silver augments, the Brutalizer is a great way to boost a champion’s early-game power.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Graves, Draven, Naafiri, Vi.

Thread the Needle

  • Gain 25% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.

This augment is like getting Guinsoo Rageblade’s Mythic passive in one go. All the champions that have hybrid damage output love this augment.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Jax, Kayle, Warwick, Kog’Maw.

Lightning Strikes

  • Gain 3 Attack Damage scaling per 0.1 Attack Speed.

This is the ideal augment for all ADCs and most attack-speed-based champions. Later in the game, this augment can grant more up to 60 AD, and it can go beyond that if you’re able to get the Symphony of War as well (Prismatic).

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Ashe, Kai’Sa, Master Yi, Kalista.

Scoped Weapons

  • Gain 200 Attack Range, reduced to 100 for ranged characters.

Just like Lightning Strikes, getting additional attack range is also wonderful for all the DPS champions in the game. As long as you’re a champion that bases its damage around attacks, this is a great augment to pick up.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Aphelios, Caitlyn, Kayle, Jax, Kog’Maw.

Outlaw’s Grit

  • After using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport ability, gain 15 Armor and Magic Resist. This stacks up to 5 times.

Whoever has dashes or mobility spells on a short cooldown can abuse this augment. It will make them tankier at the start of each round, and thus harder to kill.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Fiora, Gwen, Riven, Vi.

Shrink Ray

  • Your Attacks reduce an enemy’s damage by 15% for 3 seconds.

You want to take this augment on champions that can easily attack enemies and need the damage reduction to survive the enemy’s burst damage.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Samira, Urgot, Ashe, Fiora


Gain 60 Ability Haste.

This is a pretty basic augment but everyone knows how ability haste can be abused on certain champions. And now that there is no cap on an ability’s cooldowns, certain champions can perma spam their abilities in game.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Sylas, Vladimir, Moragan, Riven.

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Best Prismatic Augments in LoL Arena

  • Infernal Conduit
  • Goliath
  • Symphony of War
  • Ultimate Revolution
  • Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Omni Soul
  • Mystic Punch

Infernal Conduit

  • Your abilities apply a burn for 5 seconds that deals 1.2 − 12 (based on level) (+ 2.8% bonus AD) (+ 2% AP) bonus magic damage per second over the duration. This burn stacks infinitely and refreshes with each application.

This is probably the best augment in the game right now. Infernal Conduit works on many champions. As long as they have AoE abilities that can apply DoT, this augment will be broken on them.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Zyra, Malzahar, Brand, Singed, Heimerdinger.


  • Become large, gaining 35% Health and 15% Adaptive Force.

This is the best augment for tanks and bruisers. It allows him to gain thousands of extra health at max build, while also granting additional adaptive force to improve their fighting ability.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Sett, Volibear.

Symphony of War

  • Gain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes.

Since the augment gives the champion both keystone runes, you want to get it on champions that can take full advantage of both effects. It’s great for all stages of the game, making it one of the best augments in LoL Arena.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Jax, Master Yi, Kindred, Viego, Trundle.

Ultimate Revolution

  • Once per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability after casting it.

You want to run this augment on champions that have game-changing ultimates. Getting two casts in quick succession can allow you to get instant wins in the game, especially if you have enough damage to kill the targets.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Malphite, Lissandra, Orianna, Kayle, Annie.

Jeweled Gauntlet

  • Your Abilities can Critically Strike for 140% total damage. Gain 20% Critical Chance. Gain an additional crit chance scaling with your AP.

Ideally, this augment works on champions that can use spells and abilities consistently throughout the game. Low cooldowns are an important requirement to maximize this augment’s efficiency.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Lucian, Corki, Annie, Ryze.

Omni Soul

  • Gain 3 random Dragon Souls.

This is an overall great rune that can be used on almost all champions in the game. That being said, it works on those who want to be constantly in combat mode so that you can consistently proc the Ocean and Infernal Souls.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Darius, Vi, Viego.

Mystic Punch

  • Your Attacks reduce your cooldowns by 1 second.

Another augment that requires auto-attack-based champions. It greatly boosts the champions’ damage output since they will be able to cast abilities consistently in quick succession.

Examples of strong champions with the augment: Lucian, Fiora, Jax, Master Yi.

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