Best Bets NA LCS 1/03

League of Legends Esports betting fans, we’ve drafted our predictions for the upcoming NALCS matches starting tonight at 23:00CET. Check them out and comment with your tips!

NALCS week 5

Match Winner – 100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves are on a roll taking both games in week six, a deciding set of games to contend for the NA LCS Spring Split’s top spot. As they’re a new team, their fan base is much smaller compared to other monster organisations like TSM or C9. As they’ve got less members betting on them just for blind support, the odds on them winning are always favoured. On top of the favoured odds, their obviously doing really well, even defeating Cloud 9 who currently stand second on the leader boards.

Best week 7 bet: 100 Thieves vs. Team Solo Mid

First Tower – Team Liquid

Team Liquid currently hold the highest first tower rate compared to all the other teams in the NA LCS. 83% of games see TL get the bonus gold, mostly due to their superior laning phase and top tier rotations. They tend to prioritise / trade for first tower over dragon, so the chances of them getting the achievement tops the other teams. In this week’s case, Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves, the thieves rather give up towers in favour of drags, this is certainly this week’s best bet.

Best week 7 bet: Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves

First Blood – Counter Logic Gaming

Counter logic gaming esports

While Counter Logic Gaming are in a pretty bad spot, even losing to some of the weaker teams in the split, their early game isn’t bad. They tend to get first blood with unexpected all ins, usually allowing them to get a small lead. Since their record shows they lose overall, most people believe CLG won’t get first blood. Betting on CLG getting first blood not only has a fair chance, but very favourable odds.

Best week 7 bet: Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Liquid

First Dragon – Cloud9

C9 by far has the highest first dragon rate, with an amazing ¾ of all first drags going to the team. This is mainly accredited to their superior control on the bottom half of the map with veteran Sneaky. As one of the top teams, the odds on C9 getting first dragon aren’t too high, but it’s a very safe bet. It is especially so for this week’s match, Cloud 9 vs. Golden Guardians, where GG most of the time fall behind in the early game and give map control over to other teams.

Best week 7 bet: Cloud9 vs. Golden Guardians

First Baron – Optic Gaming

optic gaming esports

Optic unexpectedly have high first baron rates in comparison to their overall performance. This is mainly accredited to the team making risky calls in taking the objective. While this call may not always work out, as shown in their previous games where their team gets wiped after taking the objective, they still manage to get a good portion of barons. Optic getting first baron isn’t the safest bet, but it’s the model case since the risk isn’t too bad, but the rewards are very high.

Best week 7 bet: Optic Gaming vs. Echo Fox

First Inhibitor – Echo Fox

Echo Fox may not have the best control on objective such as first dragon or even first tower, however, they manage to scale safely in the late game. Since they usually build scaling comps, they are able to dominate the late game without much resistance. They’re performance really shows, currently the top team in the split with a 10-2 standing.

Best week 7 bet: Golden Guardians vs. Echo Fox