Best supports for Miss Fortune in LoL

Wondering what are the best supports to play with Miss Fortune in LoL? Here are the best five champions to play with her.

miss fortune best supports

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The 5 best supports for Miss Fortune in LoL

Rell and Miss Fortune for the wombo combo

Rell is one of the best supports for Miss Fortune. She’s one of the best champions when it comes to hard-engages or diving, providing great crowd control to keep the enemies locked down. While their laning phase may not be one of the best, their strengths come to light when both get level six. 

Miss Fortune can use Make It Rain (E) to slow the enemies and use Bullet Time (R) once they’re locked by Rell. At that point, enjoy getting multiple kills with the press of one button.

Amumu – single-target lockdown

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Amumu is very similar to Rell in one way or the other. He excels at engaging and has a similar ultimate that locks people in place for a long duration.

The main difference with Rell, though, is that Amumu, without his ultimate, only has single-target crowd control. He’s much stronger at making picks and not allowing them to run away thanks to the two charges he gets on his Q. That said, the way the two champions are played is fairly similar: look for an engage angle and allow Miss Fortune to make the follow up with Bullet Time.

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Rakan – a jack of all trades for Miss Fortune

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While Rakan isn’t necessarily the best champion to set up Miss Fortune for a great Bullet Time, he has a balanced and versatile kit to help her both with engages and peeling. He can use the ultimate to dash in and taunt multiple targets for her, but he can also use it defensively to prevent enemies from bursting down the Bounty Hunter. 

As long as you have a bit of follow-up crowd control across the rest of your allies, however, this is a solid and consistent bot lane duo to play. Don’t blind pick it, though, as the laning phase is not exceptional and you will be reliant on your teammates until the mid-game.

Nautilus – aggressive laning phase

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Nautilus is yet another support champion that can tank and engage enemies. The Depth Charge (R) into Dredge Line (Q) into Riptide (E) combo can lock down an enemy target for ages. Considering that the ultimate cannot be dodged, Miss Fortune can blow the enemy with her Bullet Time once he’s knocked up. 

Their 2v2 is overall strong since they both excel at bursting down single targets. That said, both champions are bad at getting away from danger due to their low mobility so make sure to be aware of potential ganks and roams: it’s imperative to not fall behind with this duo, or else it will be impossible to recover.

Leona and MF all-in engages

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Leona and Miss Fortune are a scary pair in the bot lane since Leona can engage through units, which most other supports cannot. She also is a lot tankier than other champions thanks to her W. But most importantly, she has the Q and R combo to stun a target long enough for Miss Fortune to melt the targets. 

Aside from a strong laning phase, Leona and Miss Fortune are great at trapping enemies and making picks by playing with the fog of war. When playing these two together, you want the support to clear out the vision in specific areas, and punish the enemies if they happen to walk up and face check bushes.

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