Taking a peek at CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends story in London

Thanks to an invite from Riot Games, I got the chance to try out the upcoming spin-off game, Convergence: A League of Legends story.

convergence league of legends

Image Credits | Riot Games

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends story – What is it?

CONVERGENCE: A League Of Legends Story is a story-driven, single-player 2d action platformer that takes you on Ekko’s journey in the city of Zaun. Developed by Double Stallion Games, it’s one of the League-themed spin-off games in collaboration with Riot Forge, the publisher of the games set in the League of Legends universe.

Red Bull Gaming Sphere – The perfect gaming experience

Riot’s event took place at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in the center of London. The gaming center is quite hidden in the streets, but once you get inside, you can really feel the gaming vibe.

Luminous and full of gaming stations, it’s basically anything you could wish for. Being a hard-core gamer and a lover of RGB colors, it felt surreal to be there and get a taste of the game.

convergence lol

Image Credits | Riot Games/Colin Young-Wolff

I had the chance to exchange some words with some of the LoL personalities, and also get some selfies with some casters too. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

Note: I’d never tried Red Bull before yesterday, but I had to try the special drinks the event had. Cocobreak was the best one for me because I enjoy Malibu.

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story – Gameplay rundown and impressions

The event allowed the guests to play the third level of the game. I was given the chance to try it on the Xbox. Even though I haven’t touched Xbox in years, the learning process was quite smooth.

That said, figuring out some of the mechanics took longer than expected but once you get rolling, things get a lot easier.

You will be piloting Ekko and exploring the city of Zaun, running, leaping, and sliding through the streets. Aside from jumping around and bouncing between walls and terrain, you will also get the chance to face and fight enemies of the Undercity. On top of that, there will also be League champions like Warwick featured in the game.

convergence gameplay

Image Credits | Riot Games

One of the best features of the game is the ability to craft and equip special augments, giving Ekko’s abilities bonus effects. The customization is quite broad, giving players the chance to tailor the bonuses based on the player’s preferences.

Furthermore, Convergence also gives Ekko the ability to rewind time thanks to his Zero Drive. It allows you to rewind a few seconds back and immediately fix your mistakes. Having said that, there is a limited amount of rewinds you can use: be wise and don’t waste them.

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Release Date and Prices

The game will be officially released on May 23 and it will be available for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can also play the game on PCs by purchasing the game on Steam, gog.com, or Epic Games.

CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story can be pre-ordered now on the website. You can get access to three different editions: Standard, Deluxe, or Collector’s Edition. By purchasing the pre-order vision, players will receive a Golden Ekko skin to use in the game.

The Deluxe version will also feature two extra Ekko skins (Star Guardian and Ruined Ekko) to use in-game, as well as a digital Comic and Art Book.

Collector’s Edition will include everything from the Deluxe Edition but on top of that, the package will also have the Ekko Figurine, Collector’s Edition Box, Hardcover Art Book and Comic Book, and Enamel Pins from Ekko, Future Ekko, Warwick, Camille, and Jinx.

There are different prices depending on which platform you’re going to be playing the game on and which country you’re in. For that reason, I recommend checking out the official website to get the right price.

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