End of an era: LCS support legend Aphromoo retires from competitive play

The LCS Spring Split 2023 will be starting today without Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black, one of the greatest supports in NA LCS history.

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Two-time LCS champion aphromoo retires at the age of 30

Aphromoo officially announced today that he would no longer play League competitively, retiring at the age of 30 after more than 10 years spent in the NA esports scene.

The two-time LCS champion said in the announcement video: “I wish I could keep going but I just think it’s time. My body and mind are pretty much just telling me ‘it’s about that time.’ I’m done. I can go out proud of what I’ve done in League of Legends, and you know, I had a good time. I had fun.”

Aphromoo has a long-standing career in the NA LCS. After spending two years in minor leagues, he made his LCS debut in 2013 on Counter Logic Gaming together with fellow LCS legend Doublelift. The two became one of the strongest bot lane duos in the league, winning back-to-back championships between the 2015 Summer and 2016 Spring. In those two years, CLG and aphromoo also participated at Worlds but were unable to get past the group stage.

Aphromoo ended up staying four years with CLG, before joining 100T, Dignitas, and FlyQuest in the following seasons. He spent the 2022 season on FLY but only managed a top-six finish in Spring. That said, aphromoo has now the most games played in LCS history, surpassing AD carry WildTurtle with a total of 597 games from 2013 to 2022.

Aphromoo will have a more relaxed schedule going forward

In the announcement video he mentioned he would transition into content creation and streaming, allowing him to get a less stressful schedule and overall spend more time outside of the game: “I would just do it when it’s right for me, and that’s probably the best comfortability wise.” he said.

After spending all his 20s playing professional League, a new chapter is starting for one the greatest domestic support player in NA history. The LCS 2023 season will be starting tonight at 23:00 CET and it will be the first one without aphromoo.

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