FLY vs TL – Kicking off the Spring Split with a banger – LCS Preview

After the other three major regions have started their split, it’s now time for the LCS to kick off their own Spring Split with great banger matches, including the clash between TL and FLY, two of the biggest winners of the offseason.

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LCS Spring Preview – FLY vs TL on Day 1

FlyQuest were the biggest winners of the offseason, picking up the two Korean imports VicLa and Prince as their starting mid laner and ADC. Both of them come from a really strong 2022 season, especially Prince who was considered a top 4 ADC last year and almost carried Liiv SANDBOX to Worlds.

Together with veterans top laner Impact and jungler Spica, as well as younger talents like Eyla and Winsome, FLY have got a formidable roster on their hands. As long as they manage to find a suitable identity, they will be able to deliver.

Considering the players’ individual skills, it’s more likely that FLY will want to play around their mid and bot lane, leaving Impact on weak side. Spica can be both a carry and or a bridge so he should be the one adapting the most depending on the draft. That said, with the current meta, there’s also a slim chance that we don’t see this happening, especially if Spica wants to be a primary carry for the team.

On the other hand, Team Liquid have put together a team full of players with Korean origins, and on top of that, they hired former T1 top lane legend Marin. Summit, Pyosik, Haeri, Yeon, and CoreJJ is a really solid roster with insane potential, especially if the two rookie mid and ADC can step up this year.

That said, to see that full potential we might have to wait some more time since it will be harder compared to FLY to figure how the team should play. Theoretically, Summit prefers playing more damage-oriented stuff so we might see TL initially try to play with top-jungle as main carries so it will come down to which team can exploit their strong side of the map more.

Overall, we think FLY is initially in a better position because playing for bot side is much easier to execute compared to top lane. Also, Impact is known for playing weak side so he should make sure he doesn’t get punished as hard. Having said that, what we should be paying attention to is how the two teams play and whether they can pull off their own ideas: in the double round-robin, that’s what will make the difference in the long run.

Predicition: FLY 55% | TL 45%

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