EU LCS Game Analysis for Week 9, Day 1

H2k vs. Unicorns of Love – Game 1

H2k are by far the weakest team in the EU LCS, with only one win out of their sixteen games, they have had a very disappointing season. The team has shown no signs of improvement throughout the entirety of the 2018 Summer EU LCS to date, it is unlikely we will see any turnaround from the team. While by no means are Unicorns of Love a very strong team, they are strong enough to take a decisive win against H2k.

Prediction: H2k 15% | Unicorns of Love 85%

Splyce vs. FC Schalke 04 – Game 2

Splyce are hovering around the middle areas of the ladder, while they are able to take down even the top teams in some occasions, they are extremely inconsistent. This makes for a coin flip type expectation on any of their games, Splyce had even lost to H2k! FC Schalke 04 on the other hand are one of the strongest teams, currently 11-5, sitting equal second with G2 and Misfits. While FC Schalke 04 are favoured, Splyce are also capable of taking them out.

Predictions: Splyce 40% | FC Schalke 04 60%


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Giants Gaming vs. G2 Esports – Game 3

Giants Gaming are definitely no match for G2 Esports, a battle between one of the weaker teams and a top force. While Giants managed to take down Misfits earlier in week 7, it is unlikely they will have another strong showing against G2, the long-time overlords of the EU LCS. G2 may be less dominant than last year, however, they remain as a massive force in the scene.

Prediction: Giants Gaming 23% | G2 Esports 77%

ROCCAT vs. Fnatic – Game 4

ROCCAT were not looking too bad heading into week 6, however ever since then, they have been on a five loss streak. They are certainly on tilt, even losing to much weaker teams like Giants Gaming and the Unicorns of Love. As the top team according to the ladder with a 12-5 standing, Fnatic are looking very good this year, recently taking down other top tier teams like FS Schalke 04 and G2 Esports.

Prediction: ROCCAT 20% | Fnatic 80%

Misfits Gaming vs. Team Vitality – Game 5

This will be a close battle, a match between two top tier forces. Unfortunately for Misfits, they recently dropped their match against Giants Gaming, a sign they are unable to hold their ground against weaker teams. On the other hand, Vitality surprisingly defeated EU’s top team, Fnatic. Considering the constantly fluctuating performance of the two teams, this match is fairly unpredictable.

Prediction: Misfits Gaming 48% | Team Vitality 52%