EU LCS Match predictions – Week 1, Day 1

EU’s highest level of LoL competitive play is just round the corner, as the Summer Split is set to start on the 15th of June. Here are match predictions for Day 1 of the competition.

Game 1 – Team Vitality vs. Splyce

For the first match of the EU LCS Summer Split for 2018, Team Vitality will carry on their roster from the previous Spring Split, with only one new addition being “Shemek” as a sub. Vitality is undoubtedly one of the top teams in the EU LCS, placing 4th last split, almost advancing into the top three if not for their 2-3 loss to Splyce. Consequently, Splyce finished 3rd in the Spring Split and will also retain their previous roster, with the exception of new substitute player, “Kronos”. These two teams are very close in terms of performance, without any notable changes, the match will be a 50/50.

Match Prediction: Team Vitality 50% | Splyce 50%

Game 2 – Giants Gaming vs. H2k

Giants are one of the lower tiered teams in the EU LCS, having only re-joined the EU LCS last split. While they did pick up “SirNukesAlot” in favour of “Targamas”, this change is unlikely to make any notable impact.

H2k under performed last split, placing 5th-6th through their 2-3 loss to Vitality. This is a stark difference compared to last year, where H2k managed to claim first place in the EU LCS Summer 2017 Regular season. While fairly inconsistent, H2k should be able to dominate Giants without too much trouble.

Match prediction: Giants Gaming 23% | H2k 77%

Game 3 – Unicorns of Love vs. FC Schalke 04

Unicorns of Love fell hard in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, finishing last on the leader boards. Surprisingly, UoL made no changes to their roster with the exception of substitute jungler, “Kronos”. Whilst this does open up more options for Unicorns of Love, it is unlikely we will see a dramatic shift in standings.

FC Schalke 04 also did not perform too well last split, finishing 8th place. However, with the addition of “Amazing” as the team’s new jungler, it is expected that FC Schalke 04 will be much stronger.

Match prediction: Unicorns of Love 36% | FC Schalke 04 64%

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Game 4 – G2 Esports vs. ROCCAT

G2 Esports has always been a favourite in the EU LCS, consistently placing as one of the top three teams. The team took out first place in both the 2017 Spring and Summer Playoffs, and managed to solidly claim second.

ROCCAT have always been regarded as a mid-tier team unable to contest with the best like G2, and this match will be no different. That said, it is possible for ROCCAT to claim a game if G2 loses their grip on their early to mid-game transition.

Match prediction: G2 Esports 75% | ROCCAT 25%

Game 5 – Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming

Fnatic continues as one of the best teams in the EU LCS, taking out first in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split and Playoffs. They also managed to make it into semi-finals for the 2018 Mid-Seasonal Invitational, the biggest International League of Legends event excluding the World Championship.

While Misfits may have contested Fnatic in the past, their recent performance has been disappointing. That said, with the addition of three new substitutes, hopefully Misfits can lift their standings this split.

Match prediction: Fnatic 70% | Misfits 30%

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