Faker on stream: “SoloQ is not fun anymore.”

Recently T1 player and legendary mid laner Faker spoke about the current state of soloQ and why it’s not fun to play.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Faker explains why SoloQ is no longer fun

After some disappointing losses, Faker spoke up on the current soloQ status and why it’s easier to end up in a landslide of win or losses.

““SoloQ aren’t fun these days at all. It used to be much more fun back in the days. Even if someone fumbles, the game would still stay even that you’d keep trying to flip the game in the later phase,” is what the T1 player said, according to a translation on Twitter.

He continues by explaining the two main reasons why he thinks so: “Current design of the game snowballing out of control for the side winning the early phase” and “something is wrong with the MMR system,” he said.

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Korean soloQ is known for being one of the most aggressive ranked ladders, where players would always commit to risky plays hoping to execute them perfectly with its own mechanics. Paired with the implementation of turret plates giving gold, as well as solo kills giving more experience, it seems like Faker’s sensations seem to be true. That said, it’s a combination of things that made the game reward snowballing.

“Could it be the turret gold that polarized the game (in favor of the advantageous side)? There’s been also a Champion Durability Update. That has made the advantageous team keeps having an upper hand. It could be a problem in matchmaking. Could be all of them combined,” he continued.

After major complaints at the start of the season, this further raises questions about the state of the game. Even the greatest player of the game has realized that something is not right, and Riot will have to work hard in order to bring League to a more balanced state.

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