Faker picks his 73rd unique champion in the LCK

Faker, the greatest player in League of Legends history, adds another unique champion to his long list of picks in the LCK.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Faker picks a new unique champion against HLE in LCK Spring 2023

Despite almost ten years of playing professional League of Legends, Faker is still one of the strongest mid laners in the LCK and worldwide. In the latest LCK 2023 Spring Split, the Korean mid laner pulled out Yone from his champion ocean pool, making it his 73rd champion picked in the league.

That said, it wasn’t a happy experience for him and his new champion. In an unexpected upset, Hanwha Life Esports managed to reverse sweep T1 and beat them 2-1 to get their second win of the split. T1, on the other hand, lost their first series of the split and will not be able to replicate last year’s 2022 LCK perfect split.

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Faker’s most successful champion list

Faker boasts one of the highest win rates a player can have in his career. According to gol.gg, Faker currently has a 67.5% win rate since season 5, with a total of 666 wins and 321 losses.

Not only that but he also has an insane 4.3 average KDA, average positive @15 min (CS, gold, and XP diff), as well as a mere 8.5% first-blood victim.

His most-played champions are currently Azir and Ryze, with 120 and 67 matches respectively. They are followed by Orianna, Leblanc, and Galio, currently sitting at 54, 53, and 50. With Leblanc likely getting buffs in the upcoming patch 13.3, we might see her play rate go up.

Overall, Faker’s mid lane pool in pro play is dominated by control mages which dominate the top 10 list of most-played champions. Behind Galio, we also have Corki, Viktor, Lissandra, Ahri, and Zoe.

It doesn’t matter whether he’s the number one, as long as the team is performing and he’s the leader of it, you can be sure people will not forget about him.

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