FC Schalke 04 picks up Kang-Yun “Trick” Kim

Following a very disappointing first half of the year in the LEC, FC Schalke 04 has signed Trick. Not to be confused with Trick2g, the king of the gates. Kang-Yun “Trick” Kim is an experienced League of Legends competitive player.


© FC Schalke 04

Time with G2 Esports

Trick had initially represented G2 Esports when the team stood as one of the EU LCS’s top teams. With G2 Esports, Trick experienced widespread success compared to his previous teams, where he had minimal exposure and success as a player. 2017 saw G2 take out first place in both the EU LCS’s Spring and Summer Playoffs, an amazing achievement for a player without much to his name. While Trick and his team only placed between 9-11th in the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, it nevertheless added another achievement under his belt.

Leaving the EU LCS

After a successful 2017, Trick returned to his home turf in Korea, joining bbq Olivers. Unfortunately, Trick failed to adapt back into the scene, the highest level of play in the LCK proving too much, leading the teams’ relegation. Soon after, they also failed to promote back into the 2019 LCK Spring season, spelling disaster for Trick and bbq.

Only after a year, bbq dropped Trick, leaving him to settle down with Galakticos, a Turkish team competing in the TCL. Most recently, the team finished 9th in the TCL 2019 Winer split, leading to Trick’s departure yet again.

Return to EU

Surprisingly, FC Schalke 04 has given a chance to Trick to prove himself despite falling off from the major scene. This move by Schalke is certainly to pressure the team’s current jungler Memento, a common tactic by teams who have promising players that are currently under performing. That said, Trick’s success with G2 is still a large statement, while Trick may not have been able to carry past teams, his individual performance remains up to par.