FlyQuest bids farewell to ‘Fly’ and ‘Shrimp’

FlyQuest has recently announced on Twitter that two of their members would be leaving the team. Departing FQ are, starting mid-laner Fly and FQ jungler Shrimp, both of whom will be off the roster effective immediately.

What is next for the two?

It is currently unknown for certain what Fly and Shrimp will do now. However, it is likely they will sign with another team and continue playing competitively. The two have yet to announce their free agency, so it is likely the pair are already in talks with some other prospective teams.

Fly will most likely return to Korea. His troubles communicating in English is sure to be a downfall for any NA LCS team, as communication is essential. In addition, signing Fly takes an ‘import slot’, which certainly makes other teams reluctant to sign a player who didn’t perform very well in the 2018 Spring Split.


Who will replace Fly and Shrimp?

Down a jungler, rumour has it that Santorin will join FlyQuest as their starting jungler. If this is true, this will spell the return of the former Team SoloMid jungler back into the North American LCS scene.

As for the mid lane, sources have revealed that Keane will be promoted to the starting mid position. Keane is currently the substitute player for FlyQuest, so settling into the team as their starting player should not be too difficult a task.

Since the two are already familiar with the NA LCS scene, FlyQuest should have a head start over other teams who decided to completely revamp their roster with new players. That said, it is unknown if FlyQuest will be able to greatly improve in the long run, with Santorin failing to return to his former glory in several splits, and this being Keane’s first big opportunity.


What brought FlyQuest to this?

FlyQuest performed fairly poorly in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, ending the split 6-12 with an 8th place standing. Read more about FlyQuest and their performance in their team overview.

For FlyQuest to improve, inevitably some sort of change must take place. While Flame and WildTurtle are both experienced players with a great deal of success in their past, the rest of the team must allow for the two to carry.

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