G2 teams up with Team Heretics for the LEC

One of the biggest Esports brands in Europe, G2 Esports, have recently announced their partnership with the Spanish team, Team Heretics. This new partnership between G2 Esports and Team Heretics will see the latter represent G2 in the LEC as their academy team, under the banner of the “G2 Heretics”.

The merger of these two organisation who have stated their intentions for a long term partnership is interesting, considering that the new LEC academy team is named after a combination of the two teams. This is unusual as the larger organisation typically completely buys over all rights of the smaller team, allowing them to undergo a full rebrand. However, this decision was likely avoided due to Team Heretic’s long history in Esports, and an overall reluctance of removing their legacy in the Spanish scene. That said, the announcement by G2 Esports reveals the new team will be receiving a new logo and player jerseys as part of the move to the G2 Heretics.

© G2 Heretics

The announcement regarding G2 Heretics reveals the team have yet to lock in a full roster, with the reveal being pushed back to a later date. While this will cut it close, considering roster locks are usually done before the end of the year to ensure players have sufficient time to settle in with their new teammates, G2’s great reputation with player management should be able to settle any large issues.

© G2 Heretics

Former G2 Esports, Gambit Esports and Giants Gaming Spain coach, Sharkz, will act as G2 Heretics head coach in 2019. Aagie, an analyst with experience with a variety of teams including Fnatic will act as the team’s analyst.