G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix, post LoL Worlds Final match discussion

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is arguably the most exciting Worlds event to date, filled with multiple upsets. Unfortunately for Europe, 2019 was doomed once again to see second place. However, it is without a doubt the region has seen an improvement globally once again. While many may have argued EU may have lucked out in 2018 World Championship quarterfinals, dodging both Korean teams, 2019 has proven EU to be a true contender for the top region.

G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix at LoL Worlds Final 2019

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Post LoL Worlds Final match discussion

FunPlus Phoenix were heading into the match up as the favored team, and they certainty did not disappoint, with an amazing string of performances leading to their win against G2 Esports. While FPX were great, many have targeted G2 for underperforming despite their confidence after taking down SK Telecom T1.

Game 1

Lasting 41 minutes, this was an amazingly one sided stomp despite G2 being able to take down FPX’s tier 2 top turret only 15 minutes into the game. As G2 were behind the entire game, they gave tempo over to FPX, allowing them to scale. This allowed FPX’s superior late game team comp comprising of Gankplank and Sivir to completely carry the late game with the help of Lee Sin, Nautilus and Thresh peeling.

Game 2

FPX completely stomped over G2 in game 2, winning every single lane, with Ryze (Doinb) and Kai’sa (Lwx) carrying the game following an early dragon contest, favouring FPX three kills to one. FPX brought this lead further with superior macro play rotations, cementing their win at only 26 minutes in.

Game 3

G2 had put up a worthy fight, going even with FPX until the mid game. However, G2 Esports were once again out rotated, allowing FunPlus Phoenix to sneak an early baron. This allowed FPX to double their gold lead against G2, while also taking out their inhibitor. FPX’s second baron finally shattered G2’s final hope, leading to FPX’s 3-0 performance.

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