Is this the fall of the super region Korea?

Many in 2018 may have joked about the fall of Korea following their shocking performance in the 2018 League of Legends World Championships. There, every Korean team failed to get into the semi-finals of the game’s biggest tournament. Despite this, the region still possessed immense strength and the capability to come back. SK Telecom T1 proved this, placing 2nd in the 2019 Mid Season Invitationals. However, while this year Korea at LoL Worlds started out strong in groups, they are clearly weaker compared to before.

LoL Worlds 2019 - SK Telecom T1 Korean Team

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Unfortunate semi-finals performance

With Griffin losing to Invictus Gaming (1-3) and Damwon losing to G2 Esports (1-3), it demonstrates Korea is no longer the untouchable region of the past. Currently, SK Telecom T1 are the region’s only hope at reclaiming some of their past glory. But even that may not come true, having dropped a game against the weakest team to play in the quarterfinals, Splyce.

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Hopes on SKT

If SKT fails to claim worlds this year, Korea will without a doubt lose their top spot in the eyes of even their most dedicated believers. On the other hand, even if SKT are the world champions, the two other Korean teams failing to land a spot in the semi finals in a decisive best of five have shown the deterioration of the region.

While heading into the semi-finals, SK Telecom T1 has dodged Invictus Gaming, G2 Esports is Europe’s strongest team, having even taken down SKT earlier in the 2019 MSI.

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