G2 vs BLG – Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage: Match Preview

It’s a do-or-die moment for G2 and BLG, as they will be facing in the last round of the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage. Who will go through? Check out our breakdown.

Yike G2 Worlds

Embrace the pain Yike | Credit: G2 League

Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage – G2 vs BLG – October 29, 08:00 CET

G2 and BLG will be clashing in the final Bo3 series of the Swiss Stage to qualify for the Knockout stage. Despite a strong start from both, the two teams have shown a few weaknesses in the decisive series.

On the one hand, G2 seemed to have some issues in their draft preparation, or at least, their meta read seems to be a bit off from the other top teams. In the series against NRG, they purposely drafted towards the late game but they couldn’t slow the game down and wait for the right power spikes. NRG was indeed stronger and more proactive, and it generally felt like G2 struggled more than they should’ve. This also happened in the series against Gen.G, so that might be the key going into the next series against BLG.

The Chinese team, instead, had a decent showing against T1, but it wasn’t enough to take down the Korean team, who are now definitely looking much better than what we initially put on our Power Rankings. They probably didn’t expect the Tahm Kench pick as much, and they didn’t really adjust in the second game after the loss in Game 1. Additionally, we saw a bit of over-extension by some of the members, as the team looked a bit disjointed in crucial teamfights.

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Whoever gets the right team comps wins

With that in mind, I feel like the matchup is winnable from both sides. BLG’s Worlds meta read is fine, and they can prepare better now that they played against T1. Tahm Kench was a key pick in that series, so it will be up to BLG to understand whether G2 will try to emulate that.

For the LEC team, on the other hand, we need to see more willingness to play proactively. They did it against Gen.G and it didn’t work out because the enemies were too strong in the teamfights. But with BLG looking a bit shaky, there are better chances. Yike must be put on early-game junglers and Hans Sama and Mikyx need to find ways to win the bottom lane matchup.

Side selection is going to be a crucial factor so it’s really hard to predict. For now, I’m expecting a 2-1 win from either side, but BLG is probably a bit favored since their drafts have been overall better.

Prediction: G2 1 – 2 BLG

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