H2k announces final goodbyes

As the EU LCS heads into a League system, following North America’s transition a year ago, it was inevitable that some of our favourite teams would be rejected from the league and disband. The league teams must all be approved by Riot; unfortunately for H2k, while they intended to continue competing in the scene by applying to join the 2019 EU LCS, they were denied by Riot Games. This is an highly unfortunately news considering that H2k have a wide audience which had been built up through their years of operation in the scene, since 2014. While it is uncertain why H2k were rejected, there is some speculation stating that Riot’s decision was related to the team’s threat to exit the EU LCS if Riot would have failed to increase profitability for the teams late last year.

The glory days

2014 was the real start for H2k, where they advanced to the EU LCS Spring 2015 Expansion, later taking out the event to qualify for the EU LCS. Entering the EU LCS as a fresh new team from the EU LCS, H2k quickly rose as a top team, securing third place in both the Spring and Summer splits. This allowed them to qualify for the 2015 League of Legends World Championship: an unbelievable achievement for a relatively new team. Unfortunately, they were placed into the hardest group in worlds, competing alongside SKT and EDG, leading them to be kicked out in groups.

Heading into 2016, H2k revamped their roster with the introduction of Jankos, FORG1VEN and VandeR, alongside Ryu and Odomne from 2015. This line-up was highly anticipated by many, in which they certainly did not disappoint. Once again finding success in the EU LCS, and qualifying as EU’s second seed to worlds, H2k managed to scrape a top two finish alongside EDG in groups. Advancing into the quarterfinals with a massive stroke of fortune, H2k were pitted up against Albus NoX, a wild card team they went on to stomp 3-0 allowing them to enter the semi-finals. H2k then finished 3rd-4th in the 2016 League of Legends World Championships.


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More recently

While H2k found success in the regular season of the 2017 EU LCS, finishing second in Spring and first in the Summer split, they fell short in both the Spring and Summer playoffs.
Unfortunately for H2k, this was the beginning of their downfall, with a weaker line up in 2018, it clearly reflected in their performance in both splits where they later came 10th place in the EU LCS 2018 Summer tournament.