Important roster changes you’ve got to know

SK Telecom T1

Contrary to the rumors regarding Faker’s departure from SKT, Faker will be remaining with the org. That said, aside from Faker, SKT will be almost completely reforming the team, with the departure of Thal, Blossom, Untara, Pirean, Blank, and most sadly, the Bang and Wolf duo. Both Bang and Wolf have been with SKT since late 2013, this year marking their fifth aniversary with the team. This intense roster change was expected by fans, considering SKT’s shocking performance in 2018, failing to even qualify for worlds.

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Febiven will be returning to the European LCS following his one year spent with Clutch Gaming, now signing a long three year contract with Misfits Gaming. While Febiven failed to find success in North America, where Clutch Gaming came eight place in the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split, Misfits has decided to built their team around him and Hans Sama.


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Sources have revealed that Misfits are planning to buy out sOAZ from Fnatic, an extremely interesting proposition considering sOAZ’s long history with the team.

Team Liquid

CoreJJ will be joining Team Liquid as the team’s new starting support. This is a major move for Liquid, the introduction of CoreJJ making TL have both Korean imports in the support role. It clearly shows TL’s intention to fully back Doublelift in order for the botlane to carry them to victory. In an interview, CoreJJ mentioned Doublelift being his main reason to join Team Liquid, stating he hopes to attend worlds and improve together with the NA superstar.

G2 Esports

Sources have revealed Caps will be moving to G2 Esports from Fnatic following an extremely good performance at worlds. This however will lead G2 to shift their existing mid laner, Perkz, to ADC. While Perkz has never signed as a starting ADC in his competive career, it is expected Perks will easily settle into his new role considering his long relationship with the team and the players.